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Haunted Mansion Hidden Jacks

Welcome Foolish Mortals, to the Haunted Mansion! We all know and love those famous words and can probably recite the transcript for the entire ride. I know my family can! In my deepest ‘spooky voice’ I attempt to do my best Paul Frees impression, not as successfully as I would like but that’s beside the point.

While on a visit to Magic Kingdom this past summer, we got caught in a pretty lengthy rain storm. We were in line to ride the Haunted Mansion and when we exited, the rain was coming down! The cast member at the exit asked if we wanted to ride again, and without hesitation, we told him we would love to! He led us through the tunnel that goes from the exit to the line, completely bypassing the entrance and stretching room. So we rode again, and when we got off, the rain was still coming down. We asked if we could ride again and were told we could ride as many times as we wanted using the tunnel. How neat!

After our 3rd or 4th ride, another cast member came up and issued us a challenge. He said that there were hidden Jack Skellington’s throughout the ride and wanted to see how many we could find. He said that there were about 7 that he knew of. He did tell us about one in the library area, but that most could be found in the attic portion of the ride.

Well, we rode and rode and rode, but were never able to find a single one! After about 8 rides, we threw in the towel and gave up. Apparently they are hidden very well throughout the ride! So, have you ever seen one of the hidden Jack’s?

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