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One experience of every Disney cruise around the Caribbean includes a stop at Castaway Cay (pronounced key). This private island is an exclusive port for the Disney Cruise line and was purchased on a 99-year land lease from the Bahamian government.

The island is located near Gorda Cay, which was once used as a stop for drug runners. Construction to redevelop the island took approximately 18 months and cost Disney about $25 million. During construction, 50,000 truckloads of sand were dredged from the floor Atlantic Ocean to make way for the ships and piers were built for passengers.

There are permanent residents of the island who are employed by Disney to keep the island running on a daily basis. The number of residents depends on the season. Food and supplies for the islanders are brought in by the cruise ships and the sea water is make consumable by reverse osmosis.

Castaway Cay was developed with buildings that were made to look like the community rebuilt after a shipwreck with the items they had on hand. While on the island, cruisers can expect the same level of facilities found in any other Disney location, and can participate in numerous activities including bicycling, snorkeling, parasailing, and personal watercraft rental to name a few. The island has 3 beaches: one for families, one for adults only, and one for Cabana guests. The beaches have clear turquoise waters and white sand.

Have you ever been to Castaway Cay? What was your favorite activity?

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