New Photopass Opportunities at Disney World!

New Photopass Opportunities at the Parks!


I absolutely love taking pictures at Disney. When you are at the Happiest Place on Earth nothing will memorialize the moments like having great pictures to look back on. When Disney announced that Photopass downloads would be free for guests with annual passes of the Gold tier and higher, I was totally tickled. I think Disney’s Photopass is perhaps one of the greatest ideas Disney has ever come up with, even better now that plenty of new and exciting options are available as extra magic with your photos. Here are some of the newest things to look out for when you are visiting the parks.

Let’s start with the Photopass opportunities at Disney Springs, which is the “newest” area on Disney property that just keeps amazing guests with brand new shops, dining experiences, and even a Disney Photopass Studio. This gem of a location is in the Disney Marketplace section of the Springs and features opportunities for family and friend to pose for portraits in front of various backdrops or even a digitized backdrop of your choice. The Photopass Studio is indoors (bonus! no sweaty pictures), and made its debut at the Springs in early December just in time for the Holiday rush, but as the months have passed, they have added some significantly cooler things to their wheelhouse.

One of those Photopass Studio opportunities was released in February, and it’s ridiculously creative. You can now create a personalized storybook** for children ages 14 and younger, where your child is the star of a classic Disney adventure. Once the photo shoot is completed it is printed as a storybook that you can have as a keepsake. How cool is that? Currently, the themes available are Anna, Ariel, Aurora, Cinderella, Elsa, Mulan, Rapunzel and Snow White. Unfortunately, this special opportunity doesn’t cater to the boys just yet, and we at TMSM aren’t fans of starting rumors so until Disney announces some awesome adventure storybook for the boys, this special opportunity is just for the little princess in your life. In order to take part and create a storybook of your own, you’ll need to book a specialized one day session at the Studio. Photos taken cannot be reproduced individually, and the pictures are also not linked to your Photopass account or Memory Maker account.

In early February a new Photopass opportunity popped up at Magic Kingdom in the area where the Punzie Potties or Tangled Toilets are, right between Liberty Square and New Fantasyland. If you love the lanterns from the movie Tangled, you now have the opportunity to pose with one as the sun is setting over Magic Kingdom. So far we know this Photopass opportunity happens in the evenings when the lighting is best to capture the lantern lit up. You’ll get to hold the lantern in front of you while a string of the same kinds of lanterns adorn the background of the shot. A truly magical moment for anyone who loves Rapunzel and the movie Tangled.

Recently, I’ve seen some excellent Photopass magic when you pose in front of the horse drawn hearse by the Haunted Mansion. When you get your photo there may be a hitchhiking ghost in the frame with you. Originally this type of Photopass opportunity popped up during Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party, but now it seems like it will be a regular part of the added magic if you dare to stand deathly still and have your soul captured by a camera.

Inside the Tower or Terror at Hollywood Studios you can now become one of the guests who never checks out. A new Photopass opportunity makes you practically transparent like the guests who were transported to the Twilight Zone. A super cool and creepy effect to prove you visited the haunted hotel.

Finally, at Epcot there is an opportunity to pose and have Photopass photographers use a fish eye lens to capture the iconic Spaceship Earth behind you. The end result are some pretty nifty photos that make the world around you expand.

I’m super excited to see what else becomes available as Photopass is a great way to add a little extra magic to your trip, and have the memories for a lifetime.

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**The Personalized Storybook is available for an introductory price of $149.95 plus shipping. Reservations are not needed to visit the Disney PhotoPass Studio in Disney Springs.



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