When assembling my Disney day ensemble, I have to take into consideration how long I will be in the parks and what will I carry all of my whozits and whatzits in. Satchel? So Flynn Rider. Purse? Backpack? Do I dare to simply cram my money, annual pass and phone into my pockets and hope for the best? (By the way, I’ve done that … I ended up at the Anaheim Police Station trying to verify my identity since my drivers license fell out of my back pocket and I needed it for my flight home!!!!) I’ve spent the last few Disneyland visits trying to find what works best for me.

Needless to say, I’m constantly attempting to combine my Disney outfit with a stylish bag of some sort that is :
1. Comfortable
2. Easy to access and operate (meaning organization- you’ve got to be quick with that money when making purchases and maneuvering on rides, etc.)
3. Not TOO expensive
4. Disney flair °o°

Am I missing anything? Probably.


Now, I have carried a cross body satchel. I found a super cute and what appeared to be comfy Vera Bradley one with hidden Mickey’s. Being a woman, the strap on my chest became irritating on my sensitive skin, and the weight of my belongings inside made it rub on my neck. This was not for me 🙁

When I know I’m not going to spend 16 hours in the parks, I find it a perfect opportunity to show off one of my Disney Dooney’s or Harvey’s, which are sturdy enough to withstand the weight of the unnecessary amounts of lipstick I bring. On special occasions, like dinner at Club 33, I ran into Disneyland carrying nothing but an iridescent pink seashell clutch to sass up my Ariel dress. But what if I want to bring a sweatshirt (or probably buy a new one) for the chilly mornings and evenings? Definitely a backpack. There are new Disney patterns released regularly from many brands and it’s hard to choose just one! Do I want my go-to The Little Mermaid fabric? Mickey Mouse? Help! I tend to over pack (I admit it) and hesitate to get a locker, unless I’m really loaded down, just to keep it convenient for myself. *Note–Vera Bradley even makes a backpack in the cute Disney prints!


I am awaiting the specific print I want from Loungefly in backpack form (a Little Mermaid comic strip pattern) but they have already released a few from the new line. Be sure to check it out at and/or Hot Topic. There are also cute purses and wallets! What kind of bag makes you most comfortable in the Disney Parks?

*Melissa’s pick’s in this weeks article ~  The seashell purse is from – now it’s only in silver. The backpack is from Loungefly and the Vera Bradley bag is from Disney Parks.

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