Who ever said, “Flippin’ your fins you don’t get too far…” ??? I won’t reveal my age but The Little Mermaid made a splash in theaters at the most sea-riffic time in my life. Growing up in San Diego and Las Vegas gave me the perfect playground to reenact my mermaid moves in the ocean and pool. Heck, I even managed to flip around in our bathtub. I became obsessed with the magic of merpeople. I’d swim the length of the pool with my legs pressed firmly together, mimicking the swift flick of Ariel’s tail. The mermaids in Peter Pan sent my heart soaring! Anything with fins, I considered a friend and if I wasn’t practicing holding my breath in a body of water, I was reading about mermaids, drawing mermaids and watching mermaid movies. While other kids wanted to grow up to be a famous athlete or singer, I was desperately wishing I could be like my favorite Million Dollar Mermaid, Esther Williams. I even joined synchronized swimming… And spent my youth and teenage years actively competing.
My passion for life under the sea has continued into my 30’s. Seeing Ariel with her tail makes my heart burst! Searching a non- Disney site in one of my shopping escapades, I came across ADULT mermaid fins. I’d seen children’s before, and have even thought of cramming my size 9’s in them. I blinked and stared at the adult fins because they do come at quite a price for a “pool toy.” I hesitated for a full 3 minutes and quickly entered my credit card information.
Shortly after, a large and heavy box arrived. This was a moment I wished my whole life for! I finally have a tail, and just in time for summer. Quite honestly, it’s been hard to get me out of the pool since the box arrived. These are made out of recycled rubber and quite heavier than I expected. They easily slide on and off, and I would suggest only a strong swimmer use them. The fins on the site I ordered from, Urban Outfitters, is selling the fins at a price of $100.00 and  has them in 2 colors … Turquoise and orange. I do suggest that if you are on the verge of a size, to order up. They can be kept clean easily, by simply wiping them. According to directions, when not in use they should be kept out of the sun, as they can warp.
Although these technically aren’t Disney, it’s hard not to be reminded of Disney when we think of mermaids. I love this purchase and am so happy. These are ideal for the mermaid lover in all of us!

*Get yourself some fins like Melissa did at the link below!

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