I like to think of myself as semi crafty. I taught art for over decade and have done hair / makeup for another decade. I love a good cake decorating challenge and relish the time where I can create a masterpiece on someone’s head. However, lately I’ve been working two jobs and my creative skills have been kicked aside. I’ve become one of those people that finds it easier just to pay someone to do the dirty work for them… Haha!!! I have wonderful intentions, and love getting lost on Pinterest and imagine what it would be like to casually throw my hair up in a whimsical braid, prepare a festive feast for my family, perfectly paint an entire animated scene on my nails or turn my old coffee cans into a recycled garden decoration. Reality sets in and I have ten minutes to throw my hair in a sloppy ponytail and everyone in my family is being served Pop Tarts for breakfast.

This week I wondered what wonderfully fashionable Disney piece I could focus on and I mistakenly thought I was prepared for getting artsy on my toenails. I use my hands a lot at work, and cannot keep nail polish (even gel) on my nails so I went straight for a Disney pedicure. I have seen so many creative nail art ideas inspired by Disney!

I came home late from work one night, chose a simple idea from Pinterest and pulled my nail polish collection out from under my boudoir and went for it. It could be that I had worked a 12 hour shift and was delirious, but I think it’s the fact that it takes some serious skill to be so precise! I started off painting my toenails red. Seems simple enough. Wrong. When I went to beauty school, you use red nail polish on state board exam… Because it’s the hardest to be accurate with!!! Gah, is that ever right?!? I assume I’m also too old to contort my body into polishing position anymore.  I decided to go for it and the red polish would come off of my skin in the shower, right? Now, white polka dots. . . I actually have a dotting tool that I purchased at Sally’s for a little over $5.00 that comes in extremely handy.
I have also heard of people using Q tips and tooth picks to achieve polka dots.  After the red nail polish dried, I dipped the tool in white nail polish and   scattered white polka dots on each toenail. If you do not let the red paint dry thoroughly, the dots will become pink!
My toenails resembled Minnie Mouse’s iconic red and white polka dot dress well enough for a first try! If I wasn’t so tired, I was contemplating painting on a black bow on my big toe with a paint pen.

Next time I will set aside more time and try something a bit more challenging. Do you do you create Disney manicures and pedicures when you visit the parks or just for fun, to keep the Disney spirit alive every day? Have you thought of any fun ideas? Where do you get your inspiration from? Show us in the comments your photos if you wish!


*Photo from Pinterest

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