Picture this: It’s Monday morning and you are getting ready to head out for the day.  There is a particular spring in your step and you are not quite sure why.  You grab your favorite Magic Band, slip on your best walking shoes, grab your Disney backpack, and walk out the door. Then it hits you…. WAIT!  WHY IS MY CAR RIGHT HERE? WHERE AM I?!?  It is in that moment you realize that you are no longer at Disney! OH THE HORROR!!!

Tragical Express

How can it be that your magical holiday is over so very quickly?  We have all experienced these emotions in some form or another after a trip to Disney.  The feelings of joy that you felt have quickly become just a faded memory.  The magical moments are now locked way in photographs only to be relived through memories.  These emotions are strong and they are what causes PDD (Post Disney Depression).  This condition only worsens as you return to reality and resume you daily responsibilities and obligations.  Bills, School, Life; all of these things come hurdling at you faster than you think you can handle.


But that is when something “Magical” happens.  Something grabs your attention… What could it be?  Is it another bill?  Just Junk mail? NO! It’s a Thank You card from DISNEY!!!  Suddenly you are transported back to one your favorite moments at Disney World/Land.  You find yourself floating over the parks recalling each special experience as if you could reach out and grab it.  As you return to earth you realize that no matter how disappointing it is to leave you would never have the chance to relive these moments if you had not gone in the first place.  At that moment you start dreaming of how to make another trip a reality, even though you know this cycle will only be repeated.  As you start researching prices and places to stay you realize that no matter where you stay or how long you visit is, there is nothing like a Disney vacation.

So whether you are planning, experiencing, or just gotten back from, a Disney vacation take comfort in the fact that you are not alone.  There is hope, and this wonderful Ohana, that will give the strength to move forward.  After all, distance makes the heart grow fonder.

See Ya Real Soon – Greg


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