As most of you know, we launched our new magazine on Wednesday, called The Main Street Monthly! This magazine gives our readers all the best of what we do at TMSM, with info from each of our sites. We have had a tremendous response in the last couple of days, which we are grateful for, and we wanted to answer a few reader questions in one spot to make things easier for those needing help. Here are the most popular questions we’ve gotten this week, and their answers!

Is The Main Street Monthly primarily a Disney magazine?
Most of the information in the magazine is Disney based, whether it be Disney itself, or Star Wars and Marvel related like you see on TMSM Geek. We do Disney resort and food information, merchandise features, park info, and personal opinions and stories. We have a section for Off TMSM as well, which showcases other activities in the Orlando area. This month’s attraction is Gatorland!

Is the magazine print or electronic?
TMSMonthly is an electronic publication. This makes it easy for readers to get a hold of, and also to store for future enjoyment. Maybe at some point we can do some physical copies if people ask for it, but for now, it’s electronic only. The e-magazine does actually read like a paper copy though, and you can get it for a desktop or moblie device.

How do we get the magazine?
To order, you go to www.themainstreetmonthly/store and submit your order. You can either choose a one month purchase for the special price of 99 cents, or purchase the full year at the introductory price.

How do we pay for the subscription?
There is a payment spot on the purchase screen, and you will be given the option on how to pay for your order.

How do we actually get the magazine from you?
Once your purchase is complete, you will receive a receipt in your email with the flip screen magazine for you to view, plus a PDF file for you to download and save for later.

How long will the 99 cent introductory price be offered?
The 99 cent discounted offer will be availabe for the month of July. The August edition will go up slightly, but still very inexpensive so all our readers can obtain their own copy.

Also, we’ve had readers from the UK and Mexico ask if they can order too, and the answer is YES!

Also, during the month of July, we are running raffle and prize drawings for magazine subscribers. The current drawing will be done for the first 200 people who sign up for the one year subscription. One lucky person will be chosen to receive a TMSM Prize Pack. More giveaways to follow!

We’d like to again thank you for all the interest and purchases thus far in our new venture, The Main Street Monthly. The feedback we have received has been very positive, and we’re thrilled that our readers are happy. Be sure to get your copy today while the rate is so low! Let us know if you have more questions, and be sure to follow TMSMonthly on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram! Thanks so much!

*Above image courtesy of Troy Dilport

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2 thoughts on “The Main Street Monthly ~ FAQ”
  1. Hello from Dallas, Is there any possibilty that the Main Street Monthly willl make Physical peoduction?? I am old school, and like to actually hold my reading material in my hand as well as collect and dsplay it.
    Thanks! and love all the info you share.

    1. Hi Sandy! Possibly down the road, we’re just launching right now so we will see how it goes! We’ve had people ask, and it’s something that we may consider once the ball gets rolling! Thank you!

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