The Muppets Are Back Again!

Did you grow up watching The Muppets Show each week?  I can still remember singing the theme song, waiting to see who the special guest was going to be and want antics the Muppets were up to.  When Jim Henson passed away, I felt a part of my childhood was gone.  Never knowing at the time what the future held for the Muppets, I hoped someone would keep them going.  Thankfully Disney stepped in and purchased the intellectual rights to Kermit, Piggy and all the other characters and The Muppets continued on.

the muppets show

Now Disney has released a new web series called Disney Drive-On.  This series will be exclusively available on the Disney Movies Anywhere app.  Fortunate for all our readers, they have released the first episode so we can share it with you here.

The hilarious new series follows Walter as he gets a drive-on pass to the Walt Disney Studios lot, and goes behind-the-scenes at the Muppets production offices. In the first episode our favorite crustacean, Pepe the King Prawn, takes over as president when Kermit has to run to a meeting. Check it out:

You can head over to the Disney Movies Anywhere to watch episode two!

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