TeeFury Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs Inspired Shirt…TODAY ONLY!!

Our friends over at TeeFury.com have a new Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs inspired shirt for us to show you today.  Today’s TwoFury competition puts Hobbit’s Nightmare vs. Bad Apple.  These shirts are only available today, so make sure you get them while you can.  We have to show TeeFury how big of a loyal Disney community we have and help the Bad Apple design defeat the Hobbit’s Nightmare image.  Now when you see the image, you will see Snow White, the Old Hag, the Seven Dwarfs and of course the Evil Queen.  Top all that off that the image is all within an apple and you have most of the characters on this shirt.  Please know, by purchasing either or both of these shirt, The Main Street Mouse receives a portion of the sales to help with keeping us up and running.

Now most of our readers have probably heard of TeeFury.com.  But just in case, TeeFury was formed in 2008 as the brainchild of a bunch of artists with a passion for limited edition t-shirts. At TeeFury you will find your favorite pop culture tees, with a brand new limited edition design every 24 hours for only $11.

Their artists and loyal followers (TeeFurians) are the creative blood in our cottony veins. They thrive on their ingenuity and forum activity, bringing only the best designs to life for 24 hours. After the initial sale, the t shirt is moved into the Gallery, where you can vote to bring your favorite designs back from the dead.

Here are today’s designs:


Here is a closer shot of each:

Hobbit’s Nightmare by Harantula
Hobbit's Nightmare
Hobbit's Nightmare (Model Pic)
Bad Apple by Harantula
Bad Apple
Bad Apple (Model Pic)

Now as I mentioned above, these designs will be competing against one another in TeeFury.com competition, TwoFury.  The winner is determined simply by which shirt sells more.  Things to remember, after today these designs will NOT be available anymore.  Once a image is retired to the gallery you cannot order it unless it’s brought back from the “dead” by receiving the most votes to restore it.  Make sure you order it before time expires.  You can visit TeeFury.com HERE

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