A review (and info) on Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party ~ By Kelly Kirkland

June 16, 2014 ,

"Happy HalloWishes" fireworks show at the Magic Kingdom

I am known as the Halloween Queen! I love all things Disney and all things Halloween, so what’s better than a Disney Halloween!  I have attended Mickey’s not so scary Halloween party on several occasions and have never been disappointed……but once.  I want to share a big secret that not many first time party goers may know. The MNSSHP requires an additional/separate park ticket and is much cheaper than a regular one day admission to MK.  On our second trip to the MNSSH party we did not have park tickets, only tickets to the Halloween party. The ticket says that MNSSHP starts at 7p.m. and goes until midnight.  What they do not tell you is that you can enter the park as early as 4 pm.  I learned this the hard way after waiting until 6:30 to go to the park and asking nicely if we could go on in and being told I could have been there two hours earlier.

So lesson learned.  If you are wondering as I did how they keep people who do not have party tickets from being in the park once it starts……Well its Disney Magic of course!  The cast members start shutting off sections of the park and if you do not have a MNSSH party band on you will not be allowed in that section until finally the park is full of only party guest.    If you love Halloween and Disney this is a Must See.  During the party you will get to see villains that you generally do not get to see and of course there is free candy and lots of it!  My favorite part is the Halloween Parade (pray it does not rain the rainy day parade is not as good).  The Headless Horseman set the stage for this wonderful parade.  And in case you’re wondering…..yes it’s a real Headless Man on a real horse. SO COOL!
The Grave Diggers from the Haunted Mansion are my favorite.  You end this wonderful Not SO Scary night with the Halloween Fireworks.  Again pure Disney Magic.  The music, dancing villains and fireworks put the cherry on this sweet Halloween treat.  So my suggestion, if you love Halloween and Disney as I do, put on your best costume, get there early and enjoy.  Happy Halloween and Boo to you

About Kelly:
“I am Kelly Kirkland from Tennessee and I love me some Mickey Mouse!  My favorite time of year is fall and my favorite holiday is of course Halloween. My article will be helpful hints about Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween party.”

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