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Disney Designer – Limited Edition ColourPop Collection

Disney Designer - Limited Edition ColourPop Collection 1 A couple months ago, just when you thought the merchandise Disney was putting out couldn’t be any cuter, they gave us the limited edition Disney Designer ColourPop Collection. If you are scratching your head wondering what the heck that is; ladies, prepare to have your mind blown, and gentlemen, you’re going to want to pay attention because this collection makes for a fantastic “any occasion” Continue Reading

Snow White’s Diamond Easter Eggs

Disney Designer - Limited Edition ColourPop Collection 7 Our Easter series continues! Devising an Easter egg decorating technique that truly outshines all the others is no easy task — unless you happen to be an industrious little miner with a store of diamonds at your disposal. Adorned with faux gems and silvery “diamond dust” glitter, these paper eggs are just as sparkly as the ones the seven dwarfs are apt to leave in Snow White’s basket. Hide them around the Continue Reading

Mark Your Calendars For The Upcoming “Dream Big, Princess: Snow White” Dooney & Bourke Release

Disney Designer - Limited Edition ColourPop Collection 8 In August we shared with you that Disney and  Dooney & Bourke would be releasing the third pattern in their “Dream Big, Princess” collection this fall. This new Snow White “Dream Big, Princess” bags will  help start the 80th celebration of Walt Disney’s first full length animated movie. We now know when this adorable line of Snow White bags will be released! Starting at park opening (8 Continue Reading

Snow White Gems Nail Art Tutorial

Disney Designer - Limited Edition ColourPop Collection 12 Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs is a classic film, which people still have a huge adoration for. I’m always seeing Snow White logo merchandise at various stores, not to mention the Snow White Disney Bounding at Disney Parks. Well, the Disney Style Blog put out this fun nail tutorial, which works perfect for you Snow White fans out there! It’s inspired by the gem mine in the movie, and looks so pretty! S Continue Reading

Snow White’s Crown Craft

Disney Designer - Limited Edition ColourPop Collection 13 Make your own Snow White inspired crown at home! Here’s how~ What You’ll Need Download Snow White’s Crown Scissors White glitter felt (the kind that’s stiff) Hot glue gun 5 red acrylic gems 2 red or maroon pipe cleaners Cloth-covered headband How To Make It 1 Print out the crown template and cut it out. Use it as a pattern to cut out two matching crown shape Continue Reading

Sleepy’s Quick Energy Nuggets

Disney Designer - Limited Edition ColourPop Collection 14 Here’s a cute no bake recipe inspired by the Seven Dwarves by Disney Family! What You’ll Need 1 1/4 cup graham cracker crumbs • 1/4 cup mini chocolate chips (optional) • 2 tablespoons of peanut butter* • 1/4 cup raspberry jam • 5 marshmallows • M&M candies Helpful Tip *To make these treats without peanut butter, simply add 2 more marshmallows. How To Make It 1 Cover a plate with waxed paper. Continue Reading

Snow White Candy Apples ~ Recipe

Disney Designer - Limited Edition ColourPop Collection 15 This recipe from Disney Family combines two of my favorites, Disney Princesses and sweets! Here’s how you make your own Snow White Candy Apples! What You’ll Need 6 red apples 6 wooden craft sticks or cake dowels 1 bag of pure white candy melts White decorative sanding sugar How To Make It 1 Insert wooden sticks into the center of the apple near the stem. Set aside. 2 Create a double boiler using a glass or Continue Reading

Homemade Heart Soaps

Disney Designer - Limited Edition ColourPop Collection 16 *From Disney Family When Snow White asked the Seven Dwarfs to wash up before supper, Grumpy groused that next she’d want to tie red ribbons in their beards. Too bad she didn’t have some of these sweetheart soaps on hand. Besides being fun and easy to make, they’re great for tempting even the most determined holdouts to step up to the tub and suds up. What You’ll Need Waxed paper Loaf pan Knife 1 to 1 1 Continue Reading

Disney Princess Snow White Limited Edition 1 oz Silver Coin / ¼ oz Gold Coin

Disney Designer - Limited Edition ColourPop Collection 17 From our friends at the New Zealand Mint New Zealand Mint is pleased to introduce Disney Princess Snow White, who joins Cinderella, Aurora, Ariel, Belle and Jasmine on Disney collectible coins. Snow White is the kind and caring leading character of the first Disney animated feature film Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. She is forced to flee the castle from her evil stepmother, the Queen, and finds her way to the Continue Reading

What Your Favorite Disney Princess Song Says About You

Disney Designer - Limited Edition ColourPop Collection 18 If you’re anything like us, you can’t watch a Disney movie without singing the songs for days afterward. We’re sure you have one song that you like the best (even if it’s nearly impossible to choose), but what does that say about your personality? Find out: “I’m Wishing/One Song” You love love, and you’ve been wishing for the one you love forever. You might be a little bit sentimental, but that ma Continue Reading

Snow White Poison Apple Cookies

Disney Designer - Limited Edition ColourPop Collection 19 It’s already the middle of August, and the Fall season for decorating and making fun themed goodies will be getting under way soon. Disney Parks will be decked out with all of their pumpkin decorations, along with special treats to go with the occasion. If you aren’t able to share in the Fall Magic that you get at the Parks, then finding ways to have Disney Magic at home is an alternative. Here’s Continue Reading
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