Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’re probably aware Walt Disney Studios is planning an  all-new live-action remake of “Snow White” that is set to star Gal Gadot as the iconic Evil Queen. In a new interview, Gadot teased her portrayal of the character as “delicious” and we have to say it’s got us in the mood for poisoned apples!

Gal Gadot discussed the film in a recent interview with Vogue UK, spilling the first details anyone has really gotten about this project.

“I don’t have a preferred type of character. I think it was so much fun to play the Evil Queen,” Gadot revealed. “There was something so delicious with this part because it’s a fairy tale. It’s the first Disney villain. And because it’s a musical, I could stretch my performance and make it so much more dramatic and so much more animated, that it was just simply delightful. I enjoyed it, and I changed my voice and I did all these different things. And it was just super fun, and I can’t wait to watch it. I can’t wait to see how you know how it all turns out.”

Prior to this new interview, all that was known about the movie was the fact that the script was written by Greta Gerwig and the idea the film may not include the seven dwarfs.

Sean Bailey, Walt Disney Pictures President of Production, spoke of the film when it was first revealed, saying:

“We were given an incredible opportunity to discover what we wanted to be as a live-action team. We were given a lot of latitude to think about what that was,” Bailey said. “We thought if Iron Man and Thor and Captain America are Marvel superheroes, then maybe Alice, Cinderella, Mowgli, and Belle are our superheroes, and Cruella and Maleficent are our supervillains. Maybe if there’s a way to reconnect with that affinity for what those characters mean to people in a way that gets the best talent and uses the best technology, that could become something really exciting. It feels very Disney, playing to the competitive advantages of this label.” 

What are your thoughts of Walt Disney Studios bringing this iconic film back to life in an all new live-action remake? Additionally, what are your thoughts of Gadot taking on the role of the Evil Queen? Let us know in the comments! 

Sean Sposato
The Main Street Mouse