July 4th weekend always means busy times for the Walt Disney World parks. However, this year it also means the highest price for Genie+ since the new per-park pricing model was introduced last month.

This weekend, guests to Walt Disney World saw pricing for Genie+ at $29 per person at Magic Kingdom (up from previous high of $25), $21 at EPCOT (up from previous high of $18), $18 at Disney’s Animal Kingdom (up from previous high of $16), and $26 at Disney’s Hollywood Studios (up from previous high of $22).

It’s worth noting that these prices are still lower than when the service was at its all-time pique pricing of $35 per person since Walt Disney World introduced the new tiers for the service based on the individual theme parks.

This new pricing premiered June 27, 2023 and expanded to allow guests to select a single-park or multi-park option. Similar to ticket pricing, prices for this service vary by park and date. The multi-park option is the most expensive and works like the original Genie+ option, allowing guests to use the service at any park they visit on the same day.

When Disney Genie+ first premiered at the end of October of 2021 the service was available for $15 per person, per day.

For those not familiar with this service, Disney toots the following benefits for its users:

  • Reduce time in lines while keeping in mind your top picks
  • Pace your day with experiences you’ll enjoy – and haven’t already done yet
  • Build around your existing plans like dining reservations and Park Hopper preferences 

With the premiere of the service came the Lightning Lane entrance, available at more than 40 attractions. The Lightning Lane line is billed similar to the late Fastpass system, which save guests time by giving them the ability of waiting in a smaller line than the regular queue.

What are your thoughts on these prices for the Genie+ service? Have you ever utilized Genie+ on your visit to the Walt Disney World parks? Let us know in the comments! 

Sean Sposato
The Main Street Mouse