Beat the heat at Disney! On site reporting by Dianna Standen

July 10, 2013



 It is currently 90 degrees with no wind or clouds!

~ By Dianna Standen

Hello everyone, I am sorry it has been so long since I have posted but here is a new ramble of information.You would think with an Annual Pass and living just half an hour away that I would get bored or tired of the Happiest Place on Earth. Even as often as I go to Magic Kingdom I always have unique experiences, this past week I had a really interesting day. I was going about my normal day, riding rides, pin trading, watching shows, and the like. I was stuck on three different rides; the longest was Pirates of the Caribbean nearly 20 mins, second Voyage of the Little Mermaid and lastly the Peoplemover (also known as the TTA).  I bet some of you would have guessed one of them was Space Mountain; actually that has a whole other story. For those that don’t know Space Mountain is notorious for not working properly.
My suggestion to everyone no matter if this is your first trip or 1000th, take time to look around. Disney World (and all the other parks as well) are not just a shell, they are detailed, in-depth, and a lifelong story for all the characters. For example if you hang out in the shop behind the castle you will see Princess Aurora dress being created by the fairy godmothers. If you want a little behind the scenes magic, if you hang out by the stocks in Liberty Square and watch the windows above the Christmas Shop about 5 mins before a parade starts you will see the windows open to reveal speakers. Imaginers do this so the speakers can’t be seen for the rest of the day. So look for these little things.

Help! First Aid is not just for emergencies. I have learned that if you think you need help you should have already gotten help. I was picking at a plant at the Epcot Flower and Garden Festival and it picked back, I was left with a nasty splinter. Two days later I still could not get it out so decided to pay a visit to First Aid at the Magic Kingdom. The ladies were great. If you are in a park and something happens go to first aid, the last thing you want to be is miserable at the Happiest Place on Earth.

Now on the bulk of my message, stay cool. It is hot in FL at this time of year (trust me I know). So here are a few tips to keep safe and comfortable in the heat. Drink…..electrolytes. I bet you thought I was going to say water, that is important but electrolytes do more for you. They help with aches, pains, headaches, mood, stamina, and over all heath. You may think ‘those sports drinks are only for athlete’ or ‘I don’t need all that sugar’. When you are at any Disney park you are an athlete, if you have children with you that counts even more. You are walking several miles a day, standing for hours, pushing a stroller, not eating the foods you are use to, caring bags and backpacks all in the Sunshine State. As far as the sugar, I know my husband drinks sugar free drinks, and if it is just overly sweet tasting cut it with water. 50/50 is a good mix. For the record I am in now way a doctor/nurse/medical professional, but there suggestions are from the RN at Magic Kingdom. Pay attention to what you eat. Eat cool, juices, fruit, cold salad, fruit salad, anything that comes out of the refrigerator. Don’t load up on sodas, and heavy foods, such as things heavy in proteins, or lots of breads. Another suggestion, sit down and eat, don’t grab and run, you body will appreciate the break and you digestion system will enjoy a chance to slowly take in the nutrition.

Now to the other things you can do. Plan your day with weather in mind. The sun is the worst between 10a and 2p but the temperature is the worst from 11a to 3p. So during those times, apply extra sunscreen for you pale humans like me. Search out rides that can keep you indoors or at least covered. For example and the easiest place to do this is Tomorrowland, There is the Peoplemover (TTA), the Monsters, Inc. Laugh Floor, Stitch’s Great Escape, and Carousel of Progress; these are indoors’/covered. Even rides with covered lines are better than nothing; Space Mountain. You can find attractions like this all over Walt Disney World (I am sure the other parks have similar things), here are a couple others I use. In the Magic Kingdom; Philharmagic, It’s A Small World, Hall of Presidents, Pirates of the Caribbean, Jungle Cruise. In Epcot; there are lots of spots in Future World since most attractions are indoors, World Showcase is just the opposite it is all outdoors so plan to do World Showcase in the evening. In Disney’s Hollywood Studios; The Great Movie Ride, The Backlot Tour, Muppets, and Beauty and the Beast. In Disney’s Animal Kingdom; Dinosaur, Nemo Musical, Bug’s Life, Lion King Show, The Flights of Wonder. With all these the excess of the line will probably end up in the sun, so just be flexible.

Dianna Standen

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