Disney Magic. We’ve all heard of it, and probably have used the term a time or two personally. For those of us who love Disney, we get it. For those who have never been to our Happy Place, they may not understand. Some say there’s no such thing as Magic, but for me, at Disney magic does indeed exist.

Everyday life is stressful. We all have so much to deal with. Jobs, family, home responsibilities, etc. Disney is the one place that you can escape from the reality of life, and just feel at peace for awhile. As soon as you arrive on Disney Property, it’s as if the real world does not exist. That was Walt Disney’s vision, and he more than succeeded at his goal. It seems like the whole “World” is full of fantasy, magic, and nostalgia. That is a feeling that is hard to duplicate.

For a true Disney fan, you can feel this Magic in your heart. When you are walking through the entrance of the Magic Kingdom, and see the Mickey Balloons, smell the scents of waffle cones and candy, and of course see the Castle at the end of Main Street…. that’s Magic. The first time you see Mickey and Minnie, and give them a hug, that’s magic. When you see the look on your children’s faces, and actually cry during Wishes, that’s Magic. Seeing a parade at one of the parks, and getting excited to see your favorite “celebrities”….. yep, Magic too!

The list goes on and on. Now, some may say, they don’t understand the appeal of all of these things. Unless you experience it, there’s just no good way to describe the Magic that Disney brings you. When you’re on Disney Property, you wish you could just stay there. You want to have as many souvenirs as possible, just to remind you of your trip. As we’ve talked about before, some of us, ahem, use napkins, shampoo, and Coke cups as souvenirs…. but I digress. Guilty here too!

The last time I was in the Magic Kingdom, I was standing near the front of the park, waiting for Wishes to start. The slide/movie show was playing on Cinderella Castle. Then, there he was. A larger than life sized image of Walt, welcoming all who come to this “Happy Place”. My heart swelled, as did the tears in my eyes. That feeling is hard to explain, but wow, it’s amazing. The tears ran down as well, walking out of the gates, under the sign that says “See ya real soon”. Not soon enough! While sitting on the Monorail, exhausted after a long day, I look back. One last glimpse of the Castle until the next time, knowing that I already can’t wait to go back. All of these feelings combined…… well, that my friends, is definitely Magic!

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5 thoughts on “What is Disney “Magic”?”
  1. I am just as excited to get to my Disney hotel as I am to get to the Magic Kingdom (my favorite park). I cry when I get there, I cry when I see the castle, when I see my kids having such a wonderful time and of course when we have to leave, (those are the tears of sorrow all the rest are tears of joy).
    My kids have seen me crying and ask what is wrong. I tell them that “the Disney magic must have hit me again because I am just so happy to be here with my family”. They laugh and call me a goof.
    Disney magic is an amazing feelling! And it is in my heart no matter where I am.

  2. Michele, you are so right! The rest of the world disappears as soon as we get to our hotel and walk into that lobby. Seeing the castle at the end of Main Street brings tears to my eyes every time. It’s a tradition to stop at the end, take it all in and then move on. We like to give each other a hug and kiss while we stand there, before we walk toward the castle.. also a tradition 🙂 Nobody but a true Disney fan can understand that magic!!! Thank you for this article and for all that you do for us!

  3. I think Disney “Magic” goes past the parks. I feel it when I see a Mickey Antenna topper. I feel it when I see a Disney shirt, or phone case, or computer wallpaper. I feel its spark when someone else sees MY Disney shirt and gives me that “one of us” head nod/smile things.
    I feel it when I talk to my “Disney” friends, you know those amazing people who may not live near you, who may not have MET you in real life, but KNOW you thanks to the internet and Disney, those friends that your local friends just go “ohhh it’s one of your Disney people” when they come up in convo. My Disney friends have become people I feel the need to check in with if I havent heard from them in awhile. Why? THEY GET IT! They get the addiction, the magic, the pixie dust, the memes, the photos, the updates, the Magic, the wonder.
    Do I feel the magic in the parks is strong? Yes. But I won’t deny the power of the magic, the connection, heck sometimes the goose bumps, I get from reading posts on FB group wall, Fan pages, or from things Disney friends share. That magic my dear has NO borders and that is why that Magic is pure and true and why I love it so. 🙂

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