Disney Bride Sees in Color For First Time at Walt Disney World Wedding

Walt Disney World is known for its Disney Fairy Tale weddings and one bride recently had the ultimate happy ending at her very own when she had the opportunity to see in color for the first time ever, thanks to the help of special glasses!

Kristin Robinson of Harleysville, Pennsylvania, has been color-blind her entire life. Robinson shared with FOX 35, since she was a little girl she’s always wanted to see in color and thanks to an incredible surprise the Pennsylvania native was given the incredible opportunity at her wedding.

How you might ask? With the help of special glasses, which were provided to Robinson by Disney.

“This is surreal,” Robinson said, according to a Disney news release. “I’ve always dreamed of this. I finally get to see the colors.”

Bride Kristin Robinson, who is colorblind, sees the world in color for the first time as she celebrates her dream wedding alongside her groom and family at Disney’s Wedding Pavilion on January 25, 2023 at Walt Disney World Resort in Lake Buena Vista, Fla. (Abigail Nilsson, photographer)

Robinson’s color blindness prevents her from distinguishing red and green pigments, like pink and purple.

“Color blindness for me is more so just seeing, like all similar colors look the same. So red and greens look the same. Blues and purples look the same, and the world overall just looks more mute than what someone with normal vision sees.”

The wedding pavilion was decorated in pink flower arrangements, which Robinson had the opportunity to see thanks to the glasses.

“Whoa guys, the pink flowers are really cool. I’ve never seen pink like that,” Robinson said.

For those not familiar with these speciality glasses, they work with the help of their special lenses, which are designed to increase contrast between red and green color signals, alleviating symptoms of color blindness. They do this by selectively filtering out wavelengths of light at the point where the confusion or excessive overlap of color sensitivity occurs.

What are your thoughts of this lucky bride’s incredible opportunity to see color for the first time ever at her Disney Fairy Tale wedding? Let us know in the comments! 

Sean Sposato
The Main Street Mouse