A video that should of showed the magic of Mickey’s Celebration Cavalcade at Magic Kingdom ended up showcasing a safety hazard. A recent video, posted to the Walt Disney World Reddit, shows a child running up onto a float from the Cavalcade to hug Pluto.

It goes without saying that parade floats at Magic Kingdom, which are a joy to see, can be quite dangerous if not appreciated from a distance. Especially, if proper safety precautions are not taken around these moving vehicles.

This was made apparent in this video, which shows a child walking up the steps of the float in an attempt to get to Pluto. In the video, a performer in the parade can be seen quickly following behind the child to pick him up and safely remove him from the float.

Currently, the video has over 429 comments. The video was posted on reddit and appears to be a screen record of a post on TikTok.

From the video, it appears that the child may have gotten out of his parent’s sight for just enough time, with his sippy cup in hand, to make a break from his family to get onto the moving float in an attempt to get to Pluto.

It’s worth noting that the child and cast member are both fine and no accidents occurred. However, it makes us wonder if different safety precautions should be taken during these cavalcades and other parades at the Disney Parks? Specifically, it might be worth considering reworking the floats so that no steps are present–making no visible pathway for anyone to quickly and freely jump on and off of these moving vehicles.

What are your thoughts on safety as it relates to Mickey’s Celebration Cavalcade and other parades at Magic Kingdom? Let us know in the comments! 

Sean Sposato