Why is the Number Pi Important in Theme Park Design?

From the Disney Parks Blog and written by: Beth Monnig

Getting hungry for a sweet and savory dessert? Wait a second … we are talking about a different type of pi(e). Pi is a number that is used in math to help describe the relationship between a circle’s circumference and its diameter.

You may not have realized how important the number pi is when it comes to theme park design.

March 14th is National Pi Day, which celebrates
this famous number that is very important for mathematicians and engineers alike when designing some of the theme park attractions that you know and love.

Pi is defined as the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter and is a mathematical constant equal to approximately 3.14.

Fun fact: You can use the number pi to discover the
circumference of a pie (the dessert)! Use a ruler to measure the diameter of the pie and then multiply that number by pi (approximately 3.14).

This principle applies to any circle, no matter how big or small – the circumference of the circle will always be approximately 3.14 times
larger than the diameter.

Using math principles like pi, our Imagineers can design amazing attractions like the Mad Tea Party at Magic Kingdom Park.

Mad Tea Party at Magic Kingdom Park

We are excited to celebrate by sharing some facts about the
number pi and how it can be used in theme park design.

your knowledge and check out this free-to-play Pi Day challenge on Kahoot!

How are you celebrating National Pi Day? Let us know in the
comments below!

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