Has an ad ever popped up on your social media right after you talked about something? This happened recently with an ad for the limited time cupcake at Sprinkles Cupcakes. For the past couple weeks, the sweet shop has been baking a Caramel Chocolate Chip cupcake. It’s a “dark chocolate chip studded caramel cake, topped with silky caramel frosting and rich chocolate ganache drizzle.” And let me tell you it was good! The cake itself was light with a hint of chocolate. The icing, which was more like a salted caramel, was very sweet. The two elements worked well together, creating a uniquely tasty cupcake.

Amongst their several other options, including vegan and gluten free, I also tried a Sprinkle. The cake is vanilla with sprinkles cooked in, topped with vanilla icing and dipped in peril sprinkles. This one tasted like a funfetti cake and the icing, again, was very sweet. Some other fun flavors include Red Velvet, Banana, Lemon Blueberry. When deciding on a flavor, I recommend looking ahead on their website to find out exactly what’s in each cupcake.

The Disney Springs locations offers a couple different methods for attaining sweets. If you arrive early enough, you can order inside. Mobile ordering is still available through the Sprinkles App, or you can use the cupcake ATM machine. Place and pay for your order on the screen and out pops your selection! These cupcakes are the same as sold inside, with the added benefit of no personal contact.

Because it’s located on Disney property, it is pricier than a stand-alone location. However, they do offer a Disney Annual Passholder discount, or if you sign up for text messages you can receive 10% off your first order with mobile ordering. If neither of these are suitable, their cupcakes are still worth the price, as they are a filling and delicious dessert. The next limited time flavor is a Cookie Cupcake, available 7/26-8/8. Get it while you can because they won’t be around forever!

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