How does Disney succeed at making you feel like you’re a part of the story? Even on their most thrilling rides, they still manage to capture your imagination. As you’re screaming and holding on for dear life, you forget you’re at a theme park. This phenomenon is best experienced on the roller coasters, especially Rock ’N Rollercoaster and Slinky Dog Dash.

If you have yet to ride Rock ‘N Rollercoaster you’re missing out! This ride is both exciting and unpredictable. Between the immediate launch, the soundtrack, and the neon surroundings, you never have the same experience twice. You may hear a different song or notice a new sign on the “freeway” you’ve never seen before. And don’t forget to smile for the picture. From the moment you enter the queue line next to the giant guitar, you instantly become a part of Aerosmith’s world.

High intensity limos are great for thrill seekers but toys are fun to ride in, too. Slinky Dog Dash provides a more family friendly adventure. Theming makes this ride come to life through its use of characters and sounds. Not only do you meet the whole gang but you also hear all the bells and whistles along your journey. This isn’t an ordinary roller coaster with some twists and dips. You actually feel like a toy in Andy’s Backyard.

Of course, Disney is no shortage of roller coasters, having at least one in three of their parks. Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind and Tron will eventually be added to the list. Will their theming stand up against the others? Guardians will be an inside ride, which provides a lot of dark space to emphasize the action. However, Tron will be outside and thus will need more work to make it feel authentic.

The next time you’re on a roller coaster, look around you. See if you notice any details you’ve previously missed. Hopefully it will give you a new perspective and fun experience.

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