When visiting Disney in the summer, you run the risk of rainy days. Unfortunately sometimes that rain causes delays on the attractions. As someone who likes to be evacuated from rides, I was very excited when my vehicle on Test Track stopped moving.

If you’ve been on the ride, you know it is fast paced with sudden movements. So when the car slowed down and came to a stop, I knew something was wrong. The announcement said the ride had paused due to inclement weather and an attendant would be by if necessary. But the lights never turned on and after about ten minutes the ride resumed. Because of this setback the vehicle was not aligned with the ride features. The truck did not light up as we swerved around it and there was a back-up before the Power Test.

Disney has been having many issues with their rides lately. On this same day, the sound went out for a moment on Journey into the Imagination and Ratatouille shut down for an hour and a half before park close. It is unknown if these situations were caused by weather or other circumstances. The question you must ask yourself is when a ride goes down should you continue to wait or leave? And if you choose to wait, how long are you willing to stay?

If you do happen to leave the Test Track line during a down time, don’t forget to visit the exit area. You can check your created vehicle’s stat’s against others, inquire about real cars on display, and even take photos with virtual backgrounds. You can even use your Photopass to access the photo booth in the gift shop!

Despite having to rearrange your day due to unscheduled down times, there is always something else to experience. But you might want to check the weather first, just in case.

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