Imagine being on your favorite ride when suddenly it stops. You don’t know how long you’ll be in the vehicle or even if the ride will continue. Then, you hear a voice tell you to remain seated and a cast member appears. Ultimate Disney fans dream of a day like this when they are evacuated from an attraction.

As a guest, you can experience how the attraction it’s supposed to be anytime. But not everyone gets to experience it with the lights on. Some may say this will ruin their vacation. Understandable. However, being evacuated doesn’t have to be a bad experience. Think of it as peaking behind the curtain or looking behind the scenes. You never know what you might find!

Take Space Mountain, for example. This closes quite often for various reasons. While flying through space, the only thing you really see are the stars and planets. But when the spaceship stops and riders are forced to walk off, it’s like you’re in a completely different place. You don’t realize how high the coaster actually goes or the intricacy of the track. And the best view to see it from is The People Mover.

Overtime we’ve been seeing several ride evacuations including Pirate of the Caribbean and Splash Mountain. Both of these being dark rides look completely different with all the lights on. Luckily, cast members are trained for these situations, working quickly to get guests to safety. And of course the guests won’t be without compensation. Guests may be offered a one-time use Fastpass or something more, depending on the extent of the situation.

Seeing an attraction from a different perspective makes you appreciate it more. You’re usually focused on the story being told rather than the little details. Being evacuated gives you the opportunity to look around and see things other people don’t and may never. It’s truly a fun experience that should be more appreciated.

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