Let’s talk about DIY with a twist. “Disney It Yourself” is a fun way to repurpose old items into Disney creations. It’s hard to find exactly what you’re looking for and at a decent price. So why not make your own? Adding a fresh coat of paint or changing a style completely can make any object feel brand new. Plus, this is a great summer activity for anyone who wants to add a little magic into their life.

Flower Pots: Everything you need can be found at the Dollar Store. They sell small ceramic flower pots in both packs and singles. If you don’t have any art supplies, check out their crafts aisle. Those of you with a green thumb can pick up seeds to grow, too. If you’re not into gardening, you can purchase fake soil and plants. You can use these pots however you want.

For mine, I chose a princess theme. My favorite two are Cinderella and Aurora but I didn’t want them to be overtly characterized. I stuck with basic colors, blue and pink, and added silver to tie them together. Because I don’t have a spot for real plants, I chose fake flowers. I enjoyed this project because it didn’t take a long time and cost hardly anything.

Cardboard: Scope out some unused cardboard boxes to decorate. Any shape, size, and color will do. The best thing about cardboard is its sturdiness. If you’re dedicated enough, you can make anything from a jewelry box to furniture. Also, because you’re using it from home there’s no need to buy anything. You have a blank canvas right in front of you.

I used white cardboard pieces that came in the back of posters. I found a picture online that I attempted to replicate. It is a bunch of Disney balloons floating in the sky with a single one floating on its own. I am not an artist but I had fun trying to paint it anyway.

DIY’s are great because you can literally make whatever you want. Change up your style by tie dying a shirt or revamp your room by painting your dresser. Most of the time you have something at home you can use. You just need to look hard enough. You’re only limited by your imagination!

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