When I was a kid, the game Operation was all the rage. I never had a steady hand so I set the buzzer off quite a bit, but it was still a fun time. Ah memories… Well, now there is an updated version featuring the ever so popular “Baby Yoda”  from The Mandalorian on Disney+! Oh yes, more merchandise for The Child! Take a look!


With this Operation: Star Wars The Mandalorian edition board game, kids can imagine scenes from the The Mandalorian live-action TV series on Disney Plus. Fans have fallen in love with The Child, the character they call “Baby Yoda,” and must try to stop the mischief! Look at all the objects The Child has taken, including a froggy, a cup of broth, and a mudhorn egg! Players can have lots of fun using the tweezers as they try to remove the most pieces from the game unit without setting off the buzzer. When all of the objects have been removed, the player with the most pieces wins. The game is for kids ages 6 and up, for 1 or more players.

You can preorder your game at Entertainment Earth on the link below!



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