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Devising an Easter egg decorating technique that truly outshines all the others is no easy task — unless you happen to be an industrious little miner with a store of diamonds at your disposal. Adorned with faux gems and silvery “diamond dust” glitter, these paper eggs are just as sparkly as the ones the seven dwarfs are apt to leave in Snow White’s basket.

Hide them around the yard for a holiday scavenger hunt, or attach ribbon hangers and turn them into sun-catching window ornaments.

What You’ll Need

Download Snow White’s Diamond Easter Eggs



Scrapbook paper or other colored paper

Glue stick

Clear faux gem stickers and/or glitter glue

How To Make It

1 Print the template and cut it out.
2 For each egg you plan to make, use the template to cut out two matching egg shapes from scrapbook paper.
3 Decorate the egg with faux gems and/or glitter glue.
4 Decorate the egg with faux gems and/or glitter glue.
5 If you choose to hang your eggs as ornaments, simply make a small hole in the top of each one and thread a piece of thin ribbon (or monofilament) through it. Then knot the ends together to create a loop.

*Credit to Disney Family for the idea!

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