Make Your Own Colorful Pascal!

April 9, 2020 , , ,

I think we all feel a little like Rapunzel locked in her tower right now! Lets capitalize on that and use the time to create your very own colorful Pascal!  This is also a great way for kiddos to learn their colors for all of you doing some homeschooling right now.


  • 2 paper plates
  • 1 brad (this is to hold the plates together and to get the top to spin over the bottom)
  • Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, Pink, and White Paint or Markers or Crayons! (note if you are not using paint you will need a greater variety of markers or crayons to make all the colors)
  • Paintbrushes if you are painting
  • Ruler
  • Pencil
  • Pascal Template ( you can also draw your own if you are artistic!)


    1. Start by cutting a scallop design along the edges of both paper plates. Try to make them the same size!
    2. Find the center of the paper plate. Trace a line from the edge to the center, between each scallop with a ruler. Repeat all the way around so that each scallop has its own stripe.

    1. Paint each stripe with a different color: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, pink and back to red! Depending on how many stripes you make, fill in the rest with additional shades. Play with mixing a little bit of white paint with colors to create additional shades.

    1. Once all the colors have completely dried, poke a brad through the center of the plate, then remove it. Use this hole to mark the center of the second plate with a pencil.
    2. Print out the Pascal template and use the complete Pascal body piece. Cut this out, place it above the center of the plate, and trace around it. Make sure to add an eye as well! Keep in mind that the eye should be slightly connected to his mouth, and all his feet should be separated.

    1. Carefully cut out the silhouette.
    2. Decorate the top plate. Add a little branch or leaves. Use your imagination! Just remember to give Pascal his eye detail as well.

    1. Place the Pascal plate on top of the color wheel. Push the brad through both plates and bend at the back to secure.
    2. Spin, and watch Pascal change colors!

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