Disney Memories, My Favorite Disney Memories

Its Sunday night O’hana and I know most of you are feeling all sorts of things all at once.  We are on spring break here in Florida (which has been extended by a week) and most people are sad, angry, confused, scared, and any other feeling you want to add in.  You know what I feel right now? Blessed! It’s not goodbye with our parks and favorite attractions closed right now, it’s see ya’ real soon! So, I thought I would write a little something about Disney memories, my favorite Disney memories.

Probably my most favorite Disney memory was taking my daughter to the Magic Kingdom for the first time.  She was almost two months old and it was Christmas time too! We had family in from Brazil and they were meeting Emma for the first time and got to be there for her first Magic Kingdom experience.  It was a magical day.  First thing I did was take her to see Snow White, my favorite princess.  She was standing by City Hall with no line, I had to take my little one to meet her first Disney Princess.  I cried when we were finished.  I have waited my whole life to be a mother and now I was taking my little girl to Disney! How is this real life? That is what I was thinking.  I can take her here anytime I want, that is what ran through my mind.  We went on some favorite rides too! Haunted Mansion, Small World, Peter Pan! We even got to meet some more Princesses at Fairy Tale Hall! It was a great day that ended with ice cream for everyone (except Emma who had formula)


We go to Disney a lot and I have been to a lot of Meetups but the first one with Emma was my favorite for the TMSM meetups!  She was almost one year old, and The Michigan Aunties carried her around all day.  It was very emotional for all of us it was the first meet up without Fran, a long-time supporter and friend.  We shared some good memories went on the Tiki Room, took a spin on the Jungle Cruise and watched Happily Ever After! I think this memory is special for me because my little one was really alert and was clapping at the parade and taking it all in.  I know she doesn’t remember but I do and that is all that really matters, I can fill her in when she is older.  It’s funny now when meet up time comes around, she is one year older and people who have been coming since she was little, can see just how she has grown and changed.

I will have to say that my favorite Disney Memories are the ones with my Disney O’hana that I have met through TMSM, and of course my actual O’hana.  Just the random visits that we have had through time.  Seeing fireworks, having a quick lunch, going on new rides.  My husband and I had one of our first dates in Disney, most of my social gatherings have taken place in or around Disney.  I just feel like I can’t choose just one memory to be my absolute number one favorite, there have been to many that pull on my heartstrings in different ways.  I can say that my best memories have some Disney connection.  Just as I write this I am thinking of all that Disney has offered my family and I.  I love Disney, I love going and enjoying days with just my daughter and me, I love meeting friends for a day of fun, and mostly I love the memories that I take home when I leave the parks.  Those will always be something I cherish and can visit even if I can’t drive through the gates.  So I guess what I’m trying to say is see ya’ real soon Disney, until we can make memories again, I will just remember the memories you have already created and look forward to seeing you again.





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