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Disney Favorites… What do you miss the most? Main Streeter’s Answer this Question! #disneylife

Disney Favorites... What do you miss the most? Main Streeter's Answer this Question! #disneylife 1 We are all missing our favorite Disney destinations so much right now.  With the current state of the world and the parks all being closed, it really puts things into perspective.  People are getting a new found appreciation for so many things, including Disney.  In our group on Facebook, TMSM Fan Nation https://www.facebook.com/groups/TmsmFanNation/, I asked our members what they miss the most during this down Continue Reading

Disney, A New Appreciation #disneylife

Disney, A New Appreciation #disneylife 3 I don’t know about you, but for me everything that is going on in the world right now feels like a bad dream that we don’t wake up from.  Every day when I get up and turn on the news I wonder what we are going to hear and what could possibly be next. All our favorite theme parks are closed, shopping areas, most beaches, restaurants… they just want people to stay home. Granted, I know that these quarantin Continue Reading

Disney Memories, My Favorite Disney Memories

Disney Memories, My Favorite Disney Memories 6 Its Sunday night O’hana and I know most of you are feeling all sorts of things all at once.  We are on spring break here in Florida (which has been extended by a week) and most people are sad, angry, confused, scared, and any other feeling you want to add in.  You know what I feel right now? Blessed! It’s not goodbye with our parks and favorite attractions closed right now, it’s see ya’ real soon! So, Continue Reading

The Beginning of a Disney Obsession….. Do You Remember Yours Too?

The Beginning of a Disney Obsession..... Do You Remember Yours Too? 11 Here’s a flash back blog from awhile back…Enjoy! One thing that makes The Main Street Mouse such a close knit community is our common love for all things Disney. We love the Mouse, Walt, the Parks, and all that Disney entails, with no judgement, it’s a beautiful thing. Did you ever stop to think where this Disney Obsession started from? Is it something that you loved for as long as you can rememb Continue Reading

Flashback Friday ~ Bear in the Big Blue House, What those memories mean…

Flashback Friday ~ Bear in the Big Blue House, What those memories mean... 12 Re-post of one of my favorites! Not too long ago, when we did our daily Disney History post, we acknowledged the kick off of a favorite Disney show from the past, Bear in the Big Blue House. Just seeing pics or thinking of this show brings back so many memories. When I looked at the feedback, I realized how special this show was to not only myself, but for so many others as well. But why? For me, thinking of Bear Continue Reading

Disney Depression ~ Can You Relate?

Disney Depression ~ Can You Relate? 14 Re-post! *I wrote this one back when we still lived in Michigan. It struck a chord with me because it’s really so true, and I thought it was worth re-posting! Enjoy! ~M I’m sure you’ve heard people talking who have “Disney Depression.” You know these people….. you may be one of them. Folks who haven’t had a Disney Fix in a long time, and are itching to get back to the Magi Continue Reading

Flow in Disney by Guest Blogger John Leever

Flow in Disney by Guest Blogger John Leever 15 Re-post! By Guest Blogger, John Leever It was around 10PM and my goddaughter says to my godson, “Bob I’m hungry. You must be starving.” There were 5 of us in Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom at the end of Main Street about to head towards Adventureland. It was me, my goddaughter, my godson, and my two nieces. We had eaten probably around 2PM and now the kids wanted to eat again. Later I told my sister jok Continue Reading

What is Disney Magic? Do You Believe?

What is Disney Magic? Do You Believe? 16 Re-post!   Disney Magic. We’ve all heard of it, and probably have used the term a time or two personally. For those of us who love Disney, we get it. For those who have never been to our Happy Place, they may not understand. Some say there’s no such thing as Magic, but for me, Magic does indeed exist at Disney. Everyday life is stressful. We all have so much to deal with. Jobs, family, home respon Continue Reading

Toy-ing with Emotions

Toy-ing with Emotions 17 One thing I have come to realize is that my girls have a very LARGE collection of Disney toys.  It seems that every time we visit any store that has Disney merchandise (Especially Stuffed Animals) we come home with at least one.  Stitch, Marie, Mickey, Minnie, Daisy, Sophia, Clover, Maximus, Jedi Stitch, Angel, Tsum Tsum’s, Dolls, Pillow Pets, and the list goes on and on and on and on!  Every time I threat Continue Reading

Bittersweet Disney Tears….. Can You Relate?

Bittersweet Disney Tears..... Can You Relate? 18 Repost, an oldie but goody! You have just spent your day walking around the Magic Kingdom. You’re tired, but it’s a good tired. Your skin feels a little pinchy from being in the sun all day. To cool off, and to take some last minute souvenir inventory, you slowly browse through the Emporium. Did you buy what you wanted to? Did you remember to get a little something for the neighbor who watched y Continue Reading

A Disney Girly Girl With Little Boys…… What?

A Disney Girly Girl With Little Boys...... What? 19 Re-post of an article I did a couple months ago about my boys…. enjoy! ~M Ever since I was little, I was a girly girl. From birth my Mom put me in frilly dresses, socks with fold down lace edges, shiny shoes…. heck, even my underpants had ruffles on the butt. She dressed me like a baby doll. When I got older, I wasn’t into lacy socks and such anymore, but yes, always was quite the full on girl. I Continue Reading
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