Nostalgia In Plain View!

Disney just loves to hide things in plain view for all that come to the most magical place on earth. I myself always keep an eye out for a hidden Mickey and count how many Pascal’s I can find at Magic Kingdom!

Recently I was blown away by a hidden movie prop and it is in plain view. Max, the alien ship from Flight of the Navigator is in TomorrowLand. Max has been given a new look with red paint and some body modifications. Max is located near Space Mountain and is atop the Cool Ship quick service. Under Max you can be misted down on hot Florida days.

If you had the pleasure of riding the Backlot Tour that was in MGM/Hollywood Studios, you will rermember seeing the second ship there. Sadly, that ride is no more, it closed in 2014. Maybe the second ship will make an appearance somewhere else in the parks one day.

Have you seen him? Did you know what you were looking at? For years, I had no clue that one of my treasured childhood movie characters was also at the Magic Kingdom. Thankfully there is now Disney+ for easy viewing of this movie if you don’t already own a copy. Have a magical day!

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