The latest trend in adult beverages has hit Epcot, Cocktail Popsicles, or what I like to call Boozy Popsicles. When I heard about these, I headed straight to the Italy Pavilion to check them out.

These Gourmet Popsicles can be found at this little cart in the Italy Pavilion.

The Popsicles come in three flavors. Limoncello, Sparkling Strawberry, and Berry Sangria.

We opted to try the Limoncello and Berry Sangria. The Limoncello was very refreshing. It contains Limoncello liquor along with fresh raspberries. It was very light and refreshing for a hot summer day. As far as alcohol it didn’t taste very boozy to me, but definitely hit the spot. The cost was $13.00. The Berry Sangria was up next. This was my favorite. It tasted just like a frozen sangria. Also hitting the spot on a hot summer day. On the booze meter, this one tasted stronger to me. The cost was $12.00. One thing to note, be prepared to eat it fast in the Florida heat because they melt quickly.

So if you are looking for a cool refreshing grown up treat head to the Italy Pavilion in Epcot and try out the new gourmet Popsicles.


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