Taking Your Toddler to Disney by Michelle Perkins

By Guest Blogger, Michelle Perkins

I had been thinking, that some of our readers may be new to vacationing at Disney. Some may have little ones and question if they should bring them to the parks, if they are just infants or toddlers. I decided to write a blog from a local perspective on how to navigate the parks with a toddler or an infant. I have a toddler and we have been taking her to Disney since she was just a week old! Way back then is when I discovered all about baby care. Literally, if you forget anything they have it at baby care (within reason). Each park has one as well! Magic Kingdom is over near Crystal Palace next to first aid, Epcot is near the old Odyssey restaurant which is also where first aid is. Hollywood Studios is in the same area as guest services, and Animal Kingdom is right near Starbucks. You can feed your baby there, they have high chairs if you are looking for a quiet place to feed them. There are changing tables, and they have a TV playing Disney movies or Disney Junior for older kiddos! Moms, you can feed your infant in a private room or if they are bottle fed you can warm your bottle and sit in a nice quiet and cool area.

My favorite part about baby care is that they have things you may forget like extra baby food, baby meds, diapers, wipes, bibs, you name it, they have it! I ran out of wipes once and I was so thankful for baby care! Now we all know that kids that are little get fussy. Its hot (well not this week its not..) and they are crabby they don’t want to wait in line, you get the picture. I try to find things that don’t involve a wait and I always try to get fast passes for rides that I know my kiddo can go on. I look at show times and fit those in too. If she gets crabby because she is tired, I find a quiet place and try to get her to nap if I can.

Sometimes my little one just wants to be able to walk around so I got her a wrist link! This is the best ten dollars I have spent, it keeps her safe and gives her freedom to walk around. Disney parks are crowded and I see lots of moms and dads with these on their backpacks for kids that like to wander. Disney has a lot of rides that have fun things to see and touch while waiting in line too! Dumbo has a whole play area that is inside and makes the waiting part a breeze! Mom and dad can even sit for a few minutes and relax while the kiddos play! Winnie the Pooh has little activities every so many feet that are fun for kids and adults too!

I think the best thing to remember is that little ones can get overwhelmed with all there is to take in and this can lead to some fussy moments. Just take it in stride. Find a quiet place for them or take them to baby care. If you are staying on property go back to the resort to recharge and rest. Disney has great resort pools and activities at night that are a good break from the busy parks. Disney though the eyes of a child is magic and it’s never to early to get your kiddo to love Disney just as much as you do.

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