Happy Thursday Main Streeters! Welcome Back! ‘Twas the Night before Meet Up, quite literally, because tomorrow evening we have the kick off for the annual TMSM meet up at Disney Springs. I can’t tell you how excited staff is to meet so many fans and friends of TMSM.

We do know that it’s difficult for some of our readers to make it out to events like these, so we decided to create a contest for everyone to get involved and show some TMSM Holiday Spirit. Even if you can’t be with us this weekend, you can participate by writing your own meet up story/poem, and compete for the prize of (drum roll please)…..

Custom created Disney inspired ears from Imagineering Emporium. The winner can choose if the ears are created on a headband or a baseball cap, and best of all, it’s one of a kind, personalized to you!

Here is how to participate:

  1. Fill out the ‘Twas the Night Before Meet Up poem featured below with your best responses
    • You can copy and paste the poem into an email or word document, and replace the bold words in parenthesis with what is asked for.
      • Example: Erika is one (adjective) staffer.  Finished Example: Erika is one creative staffer.
    • The story/poem DOES NOT have to rhyme, but extra kudos if it does!
    • Please keep it family friendly, any submissions with foul language or crude content will automatically be disqualified
    • We will only accept 1 submission per person
  2. Include your real name for credit and how your name is found through Facebook (if it’s different) so we can tag you in Fan Nation
  3. Send the completed work and your information to erika@themainstreetmouse.com by 12 NOON on Friday, December 14th.

The best 10 submissions will be sent to a panel of judges on TMSM’s staff. From the best 10, we will publish the top 3 on The Main Street Mouse website. The top 3 submissions will be voted on ONLY through our main website, so if you are chosen, make sure to share how to get to the site with friends/family and rack up those votes. Voting will be open for 3 days. You can campaign once a day in Fan Nation for those three days while voting is open in order to help your chances at being the ultimate prize winner.

At the end of those 3 days based on the total number of votes a winner will be announced, and you will be able to design your own custom ears through Imagineering Emporium.

Don’t forget to follow us on social media during this weekend’s meet up adventure. You never know, you might gain some inspiration that could help you fill in the blanks for a winning entry!

Now, best of luck and I can’t wait to read your submissions!


‘Twas the Night before Meet Up, and all through the (Disney Attraction),
Not an Atwood was stirring, not even a (animal).
The (plural noun) were hung by the (furniture item) with care,
In hopes that St. (Disney Character name) soon would be there.

The staff were nestled all snug in their (plural furniture item),
While visions of sugar- (food) danced in their (body part).
And Jack the dog in his ‘kerchief, and I in my (clothing item),
Had just settled down for a (adjective) winter’s nap.

When out in Fan Nation there arose such a (noise),
Staff and I sprang from the (noun) to see what was the matter.
Away to the discussion board Staff (verb) like a flash,
(Verb) open the messages, and (verb) up the chats.

The posts on the thread of the new (Disney Merch Item),
Gave the availability date of mid-(time period) to shoppers posting below.
When, what to my wondering eyes should appear?
But a (adjective) (noun), and eight tiny (animal, plural).

With a (adjective) (adjective) driver, so lively and (adjective),
I knew in a moment it must be St. (repeat Disney Character Name).
More rapid than bulldogs her/his (repeat animal plural) they came,
And she/he (noise verb), and (verb), and called them by name;

“Now Dasher! Now (TMSM staff member) Now (TMSM staff member) and Vixen!
On (TMSM staff member) On (TMSM staff member) On (TMSM staff member) and Blitzen!
To the top of the (repeat Disney attraction)! To the top of the tree!
Now run away! Run away! Run away all!”

And then, in a twinkling, I heard on the (noun),
The prancing and (Verb, Intransitive, Present Tense) of each (adjective) (noun).
As I drew in my hand, and was turning around,
St. (repeat Disney Character name) came with a bound.

Her/His eyes — how they (verb, past tense) Her/His dimples, how (adjective)!
Her/His eyes were like (food, plural), her/his mouth like a (food, singular)!
She/He spoke not a word but went straight to her/his work,
And filled all the (repeat plural noun), then turned with a jerk.

And laying her/his hand aside of her/his (body part),
And giving a nod, she/he (verb).
She/He (verb) to her/his sleigh, to her/his team gave a (verb)
And away they all (verb) like the down of a thistle.

But I heard her/him exclaim, as she/he (noun) out of sight,
“Merry Meet Up to all, and to all a good (time period)!”

Until next week!


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