Happy Thursday Main Streeters! I hoped you tuned in to this past Monday’s TMSM Live Show. If you didn’t you can watch the replay on Facebook or on YouTube, as always, any likes or shares are always appreciated. If you got a chance to tune in, I promised a write up on a unique dining experience at EPCOT. Foodies rejoice, because if the hustle and bustle of Food and Wine has got you feeling like you need some personal space, this restaurant hidden high above the World Showcase in Japan is just the ticket for you.

I will tell you that this was a spur of the moment dining decision for my friends and I. We had already experienced one round of the what the World Showcase had to offer, and we decided a sit-down dinner was probably best to celebrate a dear friend’s birthday. She was very much interested in Teppan Edo and through the magic of the MyDisneyExperience app we were able to find a decent dinner reservation time. With the flick of a wrist, we were booked, and set off to Japan through the swelling crowds.

When we arrived, we realized our dining destination was above the Mitsukoshi Department Store. Accessible via stairs or via elevator. Friends, after you have conquered the world showcase once in the Florida heat and humidity, the stairs leading to Teppan Edo can be daunting, but we were on a mission, and truthfully the elevator was tucked away so we didn’t immediately notice it. What’s a pack of sweaty, hungry ladies to do? Yes, you guessed it – we braved the stairs, and entered into a minimally decorated, tranquil, and most importantly air conditioned space to check in for our dinner reservation.

We only had 4 people in our party, and the tables seat 8. So, if you are traveling with less than 8 in your group, please be prepared to share the table with strangers; you never know, you could leave being friends. I will say, the restaurant vibe is so relaxing, and the Cast Members greet you very warmly. The CM’s are clothed in traditional Japanese attire, which is beautiful and as close to an expression of art as any kind of clothing could be. The real art however, is dinner. It’s a show of the senses and traditional Japanese flavors.

Let me walk you through the Teppan Edo experience. After you are seated at a family style table with a heated cook top, you are handed a menu and then you choose your drink order. There are sodas and water available, but if you are of the proper age and are feeling adventurous, you can try something from an assortment of Japanese libations. When the waitress leaves to retrieve your drinks, it gives you plenty of time to peruse a simple, but flavorful menu. The price tag of the meal may be a little jarring, as it is considered a fine dining experience, but rest assured, your portions are well worth the price.

Once you have your drinks and place your dinner order, your meal starts off with a side salad that has a light ginger dressing. A Japanese chef will then emerge from the kitchen with a cart to meet you at your table. Japanese cuisine is well known for seafood, but unfortunately, I have a seafood allergy, so my meal consisted of chicken and steak. Food allergies are common at Disney, so the chef or a manager will come speak to you about it. Because the food is cooked in plain view, the chef was very careful to cook my meal prior to anyone else’s order with shrimp, thus avoiding the cross-contamination issue.  The typical pairing of food included udon noodles tossed with grilled veggies and a bowl of steamed rice with a protein or a combination of proteins of your choice. You also get the signature yum-yum sauce and ginger sauce for dipping or to douse your noodles with.

The visual experience includes the chef tossing his or her utensils high in the air, and seasoning the meal from wooden dispensers that they use to tap a festive beat, almost as if invoking the recipes of ancient ancestors. The whole cooking experience lasts about 20 minutes, and your hot meal is perfectly cooked and placed on your plate for your enjoyment.

It was a fantastic and much needed escape from the Florida heat and humidity, and we got to celebrate my friend’s birthday with complimentary cake which was brought out by CM’s who sang her a lovely birthday song.

Teppan Edo is now pretty high up there on my favorite Disney restaurants list, because of the atmosphere and the food choices, I will definitely be coming back, maybe for a date night with my husband when we go back to Disney.

Now it’s your turn to share – has anyone eaten at this restaurant? Share your experiences with us Main Streeters, we love to hear from you!

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