This morning, we were lucky enough to be invited to attend the taping of the popular ABC show “The Chew” at Epcot, right at the opening of World Showcase. When we arrived at the media check in, the weather was decent. There were quite a few people waiting to enter the park, and we were pretty excited to see what was to come. As they started walking us back to The Chew’s stage area, it started to rain pretty hard. I’m not familiar whatsoever how television shows work production wise, so I didn’t know what they do in the case of bad weather. They moved us up to the stage, and we watched the crew working to dry off the set. So much effort goes into putting The Chew together, and it was fascinating to see. Once everyone was sat, the host or “hype man” came out to warm up the crowd and tell us when to clap and such. It was exciting. Shortly after the cast came out, and it was showtime!

Watching the show being put together was such a treat. The cast, Carla Hall, Clinton Kelly, Mario Batali, and Michael Symon… were so entertaining, and they really interacted with the audience and made everyone feel included. The celebrity guest was Chris Colfer from the show “Glee” who helped make a chicken dish. The food smelled delicious! Here are some more photos from the taping!

It was such a great show, and I can’t wait until it airs on ABC next Wednesday! We had second row seats, so I know my family will be tuning in, especially the kids! The Chew from Walt Disney World airs multiple days next week. A huge thank you to ABC and Disney for inviting us, it was a magical time indeed!

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