Happy Wednesday Everyone! I hope you all had a magically wonderful Christmas, and are enjoying these last few days of 2016.  We are….. so lets get to our last Florida Living blog for this year!


Actually, “Florida Living” isn’t correct for this one, more like Michigan Living. Yes, we are home for the holidays, back in good old (and cold) Michigan. Oh, and there was snow when we got here…. lots of it too! The kids found that part exciting. We’ve been pretty busy since we arrived. Every time we come to town, I try to see as many people as we can, and yet it still never seems like enough time. Last week we went to dinner with my Michigan girls, you know, the ones who usually come to me for the meet ups, Paula and Michelle. We actually went to dinner at a Mexican place that I briefly worked at years ago, so it was our old stomping ground. It’s always a good time when we get together. Lots of laughs, tears, and stories….. all of which I appreciate. I miss them when we’re in Florida, that’s for sure. I miss those margaritas too!


Also on our to do list for coming home, is to make our yearly visit to Bronner’s Christmas Wonderland in Frankenmuth, MI. Bronners is the world’s biggest Christmas store, and it’s truly beautiful. Each year we go and get our personalized family ornaments, walk around and take pictures, and of course grab a snack. This years trip though, was bittersweet. We decided to not just get ornaments for us and the boys like usual, we wanted to get one for our angel baby who should have been here for Christmas. It was the hardest purchase we’ve ever made, but still was something that we felt we needed to do. I’ve met a lot of other Disney mom’s who have been through the same loss, and sharing our stories seems to help so many. At least that’s my hope, that’s why I wrote our story in our magazine this Fall. I’m an open book, but it’s all in hopes that people can relate, and know they’re not alone. The man who did the ornaments for us was amazing, and they all come out beautifully. We also got footage of the adorable Disney village they have on display, I’ll post the link below so you can see it!


Before we knew it, Christmas Eve was upon us. We picked up my Grandma, went to church, then went to my Aunt’s house for our annual celebration. As much as I love Christmas time at Disney World, being home is exactly where I want to be for the actual holiday. Nothing beats that. Spending time with my family is more important, so I’m glad we were able to come home. Christmas day we opened gifts and kind of had a low key day. It was good though. Yes, I still was watching the happenings in Orlando online, seeing pics of the crowds and such, of course! I’d still rather be with family…. plus I know I’ll be seeing Mickey again soon enough!



Once the craziness of Christmas was done, we had to stop to think about the things we still wanted to do while we were home in Michigan. One thing on that list was to visit the new Wahlburgers restaurant in Detroit. It wasn’t open yet this past summer, so now that it was, we had to check it out. We had lunch, and I have to say, it was really really good. So good in fact that we’ll be sure to try out the Wahlburgers in Florida in the near future. It was fun being downtown though, we did a quick walk though the casino, and just did some of the things we used to do. I miss being home, but I’m not liking how cold it is here. All in all, no complaints. But yes…. give Wahlburgers a try if you haven’t already, it’s good stuff!



So here we are, in the last few days of 2016, patiently waiting on the new year to come. I don’t know about you, but my gosh, I’m so ready for 2017. This year has been HARD for so many, us included. I remember last year about this time, wondering what 2016 would hold, and I was filled with hope. Here I am again, filled with that same hope for a better year ahead. Things really need to take a turn for the better, and I know a lot of you out there feel the exact same way. Time will tell. I do have hope for the coming year regarding TMSM and what we plan to bring our readers. Something new is coming that you’ll hopefully hear about soon, plus other new projects, so be sure to stay tuned. Running your own business is hard, especially in this field believe it or not, but we keep pushing forward to better ourselves for the greater good of TMSM, and we will continue to do so in 2017. I want to give each of you a heartfelt THANK YOU for keeping up with me each week this past year. Even when things get hard, you all keep me going, and I can’t thank you enough for that. To our staff, you guys are the best, and we love you for devoting your time and energy to our Disney crazy site. To the family and friends who support us unconditionally and never waver, God bless you for that, it’s appreciated. Here’s to kicking that nasty 2016 to the curb, and welcoming in 2017 with a new found hope and optimism that somehow it will be magical. Happy New Year Main Streeters, lots of love, hugs and blessings to you all. Until next year… See ya real soon! ~Michele


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