Magic Kingdom Retiring Welcome Show And Changing Rope Drop Procedure

December 28, 2016 ,

Magic Kingdom Sunrise

Starting January 9th guests at the Magic Kingdom will be entering the park in a new manner at rope drop. Instead of keeping guests outside of the park entrance until after the Train Station Rope Drop show which marks the official opening of the park, once guests are through security they will be able to enter the park and explore Main Street. During this time Starbucks and other shops will be open. Sadly this means that the Welcome Show most of us have come to love will be coming to an end. With the new procedure come official park opening time “a new welcome show will officially open the park for the day on the Castle Forecourt Stage. A Royal Herald will appear to deliver a proclamation and welcome a few familiar characters to the stage, officially opening the park so “the magic can begin!” We have been told by previous Cast Members this practice is not new and was how park entrance worked in the late 90s.

This means that those booking “before open” dining reservations to get photos of a near empty Main Street will probably find Main Street to be full of people. No official word was put out on how the park will ensure guests will only stay on Main Street until the park officially opens, or when they will officially start letting people in (possibly in conjunction with the first dining time of the day?) but as we hear more information on this new procedure we will make sure we share it with you!


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