TMSM Meet Up, Nov 12th, Magic Kingdom! Details and Reminders!

Our big annual meet up is fast approaching, so I want to keep reminding people of our plans and do some extra posts, just so no one misses the info! On November 12, the Magic Kingdom will be filled with a lot of our followers and readers, and we’re really excited! Below is the rough schedule for the day, for your convenience~


We have learned that on the same day as our meet up, Disney will be doing some taping for their yearly Christmas Parade that’s televised on ABC Christmas morning. From what I understand, there will be stage shows, not actual parade footage, as that part will be filmed in Disneyland this year. It’s sure to be a busy day at the MK, but we’ll do our best to roll with it and ensure we all have a fun day!

The schedule I made is flexible, we’re not sure where we’re eating yet, but you’re welcome to join! I’ll be using hashtag #tmsmmeetup on social media, so you can follow along and see our whereabouts that day. Also, you can join our event tab on our Facebook page for updates, as well as our private FB group, TMSM Fan Nation! Stay tuned, more details to follow! I can’t wait to see you all in a few weeks! ~M

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