Happy Wednesday Everyone! It’s that time… Time to catch up on what’s happening here in sunny Central Florida!  All is well, pretty cool actually. Lets chat!

For months, the weather has been so humid.  The best analogy I have, is that it feels like you’re walking into a bowl of soup when you step outside.  All hours of the day, even after midnight, it’s soup.  Well…… not anymore, thank God.  The temps have been cool. Well, cooler I should say.  Last weekend, the news was all abuzz about “cold” weather coming, and for Florida, that’s a big deal.  I wanted to get outside and enjoy the mild weather, so we needed to make a plan.  The Magic Kingdom always works for me, so that’s where we went.


We headed out mid afternoon, and drove over to the Contemporary Resort to have a late lunch at the Contempo Cafe.  The food over there is so much better than the walk ups in the park, so that was a good choice.  After lunch, we walked over the the Magic Kingdom for some family time.  The weather was beautiful, mid 70’s, and there were a LOT of other people there enjoying the lovely afternoon.  The park was crowded, but it really has been every weekend since summer ended.  There isn’t a down time anymore.  Another reason I wanted to go to the Magic Kingdom was to see the Halloween decorations again.  I sure do love those Mickey pumpkins, they’re my favorite.  The Halloween season has gone by so fast, and by this time next week, those pumpkins will probably be gone.  We walked around, went on a few rides, got a snack, and just enjoyed the rest of the night.  When the sun went down we had to put on sweatshirts, but I didn’t mind. It had been so long since we actually had to wear anything with sleeves!  Needless to say, the cooler air is truly a welcomed break!


We enjoyed the time out, but of course, there’s work that needed to be done too. I’m feeling a pinch overwhelmed.  I’m sure you’re shocked to read that. Time is quickly passing, and our big meet up is already in a few weeks.  We learned a few days ago that the day of the meet up, Disney will be doing some taping for their Christmas parade.  Just stage shows, but still. I had chest pains just thinking about it.  The parks are so crowded on the weekends, and with the parade taping, it will be even more so.  However…. like with everything else,  I just roll with the punches.  Things will work out, I can’t worry.  Hopefully the taping will be over early that day.  I’m really looking forward to it though.  My two best girlfriends from Michigan are coming in for the weekend, and we have other friends making it for the festivities as well.  We’re not used to having a lot of people here, so I’m really excited! Our meet up is on November 12th at the Magic Kingdom, for those who didn’t know! All are welcome to come!

Once again, we’re approaching month end and things are going to get hectic, but that’s expected.  Sometimes it’s hard keeping up with everything, but all in all, I can’t complain.  Busy is good.  Before we know it, we’ll be fast approaching Christmas and all it has to offer here near Disney World.  Oh, I did get some good news last night though! My parents called and asked if they could come here for Thanksgiving for a few days! Well of COURSE the answer was yes! I miss seeing my family, and by that time, It will have been 4 months since we’ve seen each other. That’s far too long.  So November will be a good month, or at least it should be.  Well, that’s about it for this weeks update.  Thank you all so much for keeping up with us every Wednesday, I truly appreciate it.  Until next weeks chat, wishing you hugs, blessings and pixie dust of course!  See ya real soon! ~M

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