Do you have fans of Finding Dory in your house? If you do, then Disney Family has a great treat idea perfect for movie night or a birthday party. Here’s how you decorate your favorite cupcakes in a Dory theme!

What You’ll Need

Your family’s favorite cupcake recipe
Vanilla icing
Blue food coloring
Blue and black candy-coated chocolates
Yellow fondant
Candy eyes

How To Make It

1 Prepare your family’s favorite cupcake recipe. Let cool completely.
2 Add a couple drops of blue food coloring to vanilla icing and stir.
3 Ice cupcakes.
4 Place blue candies in rows on top of cupcakes. Finish the top row with black candies to create Dory’s details.
5 Use yellow fondant to create Dory’s fins. Place on top of the cupcake.
6 Place one candy eye on top of the cupcake for Dory’s eye.

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