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Cooking Up The Magic: Create #DisneyMagicMoments at Home with Disney Parks Churro Bites Recipe

Cooking Up The Magic: Create #DisneyMagicMoments at Home with Disney Parks Churro Bites Recipe 1 From the Disney Parks Blog and written by: Alex Dunlap These past few weeks, we’ve seen many of you sharing Disney recipes and creating your very own magical moments right at home. Being a BIG fan of Disney Parks snacks myself, this has inspired us to share one of my favorite recipes so you can continue creating #DisneyMagicMoments. While our parks are temporarily closed, you can still enjoy a delicious Disney Continue Reading

Dole Whip Mimosas ~ Make Your Own

Dole Whip Mimosas ~ Make Your Own 2 Here’s another fun drink idea courtesy of Delish.com! Love Dole Whip? These mimosas combine everything you love about the classic Disney dessert, PLUS booze. Here’s how to make them! INGREDIENTS 1/4 c. sugar, for rimming champagne flutes Pineapple wedges 1 c. pineapple juice 1/3 c. coconut milk (not canned) 1 bottle champagne, cava, or prosecco 1 whipped topping, for serving DIRECTIONS Pour sugar onto Continue Reading

Just Ducky! Donald Duck Cupcakes!

Just Ducky! Donald Duck Cupcakes! 4 Here’s another cute cupcake decorating idea courtesy of Disney Family! What You’ll Need Batch of baked cupcakes White frosting Yellow Swedish Fish candies Kitchen knife or scissors Small black jellybeans Tube of black decorating icing How To Make It 1 Frost the cupcakes, using the knife to pull the frosting up into a couple feathery peaks at the top of the head. 2 For a duck bill, slice a yellow Swedish Fi Continue Reading

Jessie’s Cowgirl Hat Cookies ~ Recipe

Jessie's Cowgirl Hat Cookies ~ Recipe 5 For Toy Story Fans!   Make some super cute Toy Story inspired cookies! Here’s how! What You’ll Need Tray Waxed paper Batch of chilled sugar cookie dough (homemade or store bought) Flour Rolling pin 2-inch round cookie cutter Spatula Baking sheets Wire cooling racks Red cookie icing Butter knife or spatula for spreading the icing Large red gumdrops Tube of white decorator’s icing (with a narrow r Continue Reading

Boozy Dole Whip Pops ~ Make Your Own!

Boozy Dole Whip Pops ~ Make Your Own! 6 We’re all stuck inside and missing Disney, especially some of our favorite treats.  Well, it’s the weekend so why not make a favorite Disney treat with a bit of a kick? Boozy Dole Whip Pops? Sure, that sounds good! Here’s how you make them! INGREDIENTS 4 c. frozen pineapple 3/4 c. coconut milk 1/2 c. coconut rum 1/4 c. sweetened condensed milk 15 (3-oz.) Dixie cups Toasted shredded coconut 15 po Continue Reading

How to Make a Boozy Dole Whip!

How to Make a Boozy Dole Whip! 8 It’s the weekend! Of course because of circumstances out of our control, most of us are at home and not able to enjoy our favorite things or visit with our favorite people. We’re missing Disney, that’s for sure. If you’re looking to add a pinch of Disney to your weekend plans that has a little kick, how about a Boozy Dole Whip? We shared the Dole Whip cupcake recipe earlier this week, so wh Continue Reading

Make Your Own Mickey Pretzels!

Make Your Own Mickey Pretzels! 10 We are all missing our favorite Disney destinations right now and looking to add a little magic in anyway that we can. One huge draw for Disney fans is all the delicious treats that are offered at the Parks. Take Mickey pretzels for example! It’s a favorite snack for so many. We found this recipe for Mickey Pretzels on Delish and wanted to share with you. This might be a fun (and yummy) activity to do wit Continue Reading

Make Your Own Dole Whip Cupcakes!

Make Your Own Dole Whip Cupcakes! 12 Dole Whips are ridiculously popular among Disney Fans! The pineapple frosty treat is perfect to have on your Disney vacation, plus is always photo worthy! How about getting a little taste of Dole Whips at home? Especially right now since we are ALL missing our favorite Disney destinations!  Here’s a recipe to make Dole Whip cupcakes, courtesy of Delish! INGREDIENTS FOR THE CUPCAKES 1 box yellow cake mix 1 c. cr Continue Reading

Keep the Disney Magic Alive from Home….. My Suggestions!

Keep the Disney Magic Alive from Home..... My Suggestions! 14 Well, we all are in uncertain times to say the very least.  With all of Disney’s Parks being closed worldwide, a lot of people are feeling a bit sad and are already missing the magic that Disney brings to so many.  Yes, the parks are closed through at least the end of the month, but we can try to still keep the Disney magic alive during this downtime.  Here are a few suggestions from me to you!  Disney+ Continue Reading

Make Your Own Magic Carpet Cookies!

Make Your Own Magic Carpet Cookies! 16 Show your family a whole new world of baking fun with these adorable Magic Carpet Cookies from Disney Family! Ingredients COOKIES: 1 cup white sugar 1/2 cup apple sauce 2 ripe mashed bananas 1 teaspoon vanilla extract 3 tablespoons milk 3 tablespoons baking powder 3 cups all-purpose flour FROSTING: 1 cup white sugar 1/4 cup water 1 egg white Purple food coloring Yellow gel food coloring Red sprinkles Additional fo Continue Reading

Mickey’s Festive Hot Chocolate ~ DIY

Mickey's Festive Hot Chocolate ~ DIY 18 Mickey’s Festive Hot Chocolate, recipe courtesy of Disney Family! If you’re going to treat yourself to a delicious, warm drink this holiday season, make it extra special with Mickey! Hot chocolate will never be the same after you try this extreme take on a winter staple. Ingredients 1/4 Cup sugar 1/8 Cup cocoa powder, plus extra for garnish Dash of salt 3 Tbsp water 2 Cups milk 1/4 Tsp vanilla extract White ch Continue Reading
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