Making Magic At Home- Cheeseburger Spring Rolls, Magic Kingdom! Trying A Disney Inspired Recipe

Cheeseburger Spring Rolls, Magic Kingdom!

Nostalgia is a huge part of being a Disney fan. We all have our favorite songs, movies, rides and attractions. These things instantly take us back to our favorite memories. Over the years, Disney has become as well known for their FOOD as all of these other things. They have become a leader in creative, yummy treats. Many people have favorite “must eats” that they get every trip “home”. How awesome would it be to have them right in your own home? Well, I discovered that you can!

I recently purchased a new cookbook called The Unofficial Disney Parks Cookbook. It was compiled by Ashley Craft in November 2020. I’ve been dying to dive in since I brought it home! On a recent mother/daughter weekend I knew it was my opportunity! We looked through it and decided on our first experiment. A favorite snack straight out of Adventureland, the cheeseburger spring rolls. We gathered up all of the ingredients, which was very easy to do, and began our adventure.

We followed the recipe on page 106 to make the filling and it was go time! Since it was a beautiful evening outside, we took the fryer out onto the patio to keep things clean inside the house. Once the fryer was hot, we put in our first batch of four rolls to see how it would work. In no time at all they turned golden brown and smelled fabulous! They looked great, but the taste test would tell the real story. We let them cool a minute and took a bite. They were delicious! They tased just as good as the ones from Magic Kingdom! We had a success!

Here are some pictures along the way:


Since we were already cooking, we decided to make up the whole package of wrappers and see how they held up as leftovers. We put them the refrigerator until the next day. We were pleasantly surprised when they were every bit as yummy after a quick warm up in the microwave!

This book has tons of recipes from all over Disney and I am excited to try others very soon! You can pick it up using the link below. I recommend it for any Disney fanatic!

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