Top 5 Viewing Locations Of Illuminations

By guest blogger Joe Diebold

Many times I get asked about viewing locations and best places to photograph Illuminations around the world showcase so I decided to compile a list of the best areas to watch Illumination from around the World Showcase. These are my top 5 viewing/photographing locations.

5 – International Gateway – its been a while since I shot here and of all the views around the Showcase Lagoon this is by far my least favorite place to view. The current FP viewing location offers a up front view looking at the American Pavilion and while it looks to be a great viewing location it end up being a tad to close to the action for me.

number 5

4 – Canadian Pavilion – The Canadian Pavilion has a nice little corner view to watch Illuminations. While you can see all the perimeter bursts and it has a great viewing location the area is a little smaller than the other 3 locations and a lot of people may join you in this area. On this day the wind was blowing our way so we ended up with a lot of smoke in our way.

Number 4

3 – Norway Pavilion – This was our go to spot for a few years. This area has a huge spot to sit and relax and not get to crowded by the many guests that come to watch the show. The open space goes all the way to the Mexican Pavilion. The viewing location is great to watch the show and it is in a great spot for those who want to watch the show and make their way to the buses as soon as it lets out. Another great thing about this location is that the Norway restrooms are very close to this area for emergencies.

number 3

2 – Japan Pavilion – One of the iconic spots to watch the show from Outside of the Tokyo Dining restaurant. This area fills up fast because of the viewing of the entire world showcase lagoon.

number 2

1 – Italy Pier – Italy Pavilion – Now this area is not open all the time because of desert parties but when it is opened up then this is the best area to view Illuminations from. It offers a perfect viewing location of the show, the wind is almost always blowing the opposite way so you never have to worry about smoke and there is plenty of space for everyone to watch. This by far is my favorite location of all to enjoy Illuminations.

Number 1

I hope that this helps you out in determining what locations you want to watch the show from.

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