Club Villain Is Returning To Hollywood Studios!

July 14, 2016


Club Villain is back! For those unfamiliar with Club Villain this special ticket event premiered at Hollywood Studios in the January of 2016 and ran for several months. The event, which hosts a villain meet and greet, stage-show dance number and a meal, is now open for booking! Villains that will be present include the Queen of Hearts, the Evil Queen, Maleficent,Dr. Facilier and Cruella De Vil.

Currently scheduled to run on Friday and Saturday nights starting September 2, 2016 through the specially scheduled October 31, 2016, event tickets will be $129 per person, tax and gratuity included. The event is about two hours long, and has start times of 5:15pm and 8:30pm to choose from.

Disney is showing that the banquet style menu will include “New Orleans delicacies like tender beef striploin rubbed with herbes de Provence, Voodoo sticky “pig wings” with citrus gremolata and spicy shrimp sautéed with Andouille sausage, tomato, okra and onions over creamy polenta.” Also available will be specialty alcoholic drinks plus beer and wine.

Tickets are now available and can be booked online on the Walt Disney World official website or through the Disney Ticketing phone line at (407) 939-3463. This special ticket event is held behind the Tower of Terror in the building that hosted Club Disney.

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