Mickey in My Kitchen – More Than Just COOKIES! By Guest Blogger Lianne Lapierre

I’m a Mickey girl at heart… and try my absolute BEST to surround myself with ANYTHING and EVERYTHING Disney (heck, my entire WALL of my office is a printed banner with a view of Main Street USA, and as I’m typing this, the wonderful sound of Disney resort music is playing over my speakers), so this might come as a shock, when I tell you that I only JUST RECENTLY, purchased Mickey and Minnie Mouse shaped cookie cutters! And can I just tell you, how incredibly SLOW shipping seemed to take?!?! Not that I was checking tracking on it every 6 hours or anything….

So, now that I HAVE my Mickey and Minnie shaped cookie cutters, I am looking for all KINDS of ways to actually USE them, and I’m not just talking about cookies and pancakes… And what better way to pass the time until your next Disney vacation, than by putting those cookie cutters to work!

  1. Mickey & Minnie Party Food – Well, this one is pretty obvious, so I figured it would be a GREAT way to start the list off! Cookies, Rice Krispies treats, sandwiches, sliced cheese, and melons – these ALL can be Mickey-fied with just a quick press of the cutter! And can turn ANY meal or snack, into a fun Mickey treat!
  2. Mickey Eggs – If your cookie cutters are the metal ones, there’s no better way to compliment Mickey pancakes or waffles, than with some Mickey Mouse EGGS! Just crack your egg right into the cookie cutter that’s laying in your pan, and voila! You’ve just taken breakfast to whole ‘nother LEVEL of Disney!!CHdowVGXAAAEQKg
  3. Feed the Birds – One of my other “loves” in life, is watching the birds that come and hang out at our bird feeders. So why not combine BOTH loves of birds, AND Mickey – and create your own bird feeders! All it takes it some bird seed, twine, and a few ingredients you’ll probably already have in your kitchen – and your Mickey cookie cutter, of course!! There’s a great step-by-step tutorial you can follow here. (Thanks PinkPistachio.com!)FullSizeRender (15)
  4. Car Air Fresheners – With a little bit of felt, ribbon and scented oil, you can make your OWN Mickey Mouse car freshener!! And even when the scent runs out, you’ll still have a cute Mickey (or Minnie!) accessory for your rear view mirror!diy-air-fresheners
  5. Mickey Soaps – When you don’t have any Mickey Soaps left from the resort, why not make your own?? It’s super easy, super fun (of COURSE it’s fun… it’s MICKEY!!!), and it’s a great way to add a little bit of Disney, in your OWN bathroom! It does require a few special ingredients (white soap base, clear soap base, fragrance and colorant), but these soaps are a great way to hold you over until your next Disney vacation!il_340x270.624423568_a85b
  6. Dog treats – Our Labrador Retrievers are like two more children in our house, so they MUST love Mickey, too?? Right?!?! Which is exactly why Mickey and Minnie dog treats are a MUST in our house!! Take your favorite homemade dog treat recipe (look online for super easy recipes if you don’t already have one), roll out your dough, stamp your cookie cutters and bake!! And might I add, that these cute little treats look so FUN in a glass jar!FullSizeRender (16)
  7. Tortilla chips – Do you make your own tortilla chips?? If not… you might now! Grab some corn or flour tortillas, stamp out shapes with your Mickey cookie cutter (needs to be a metal one for this), lightly coat both sides of the cut out tortillas with cooking spray, arrange in a single layer on a baking sheet, and cook at 375° for 10-15 minutes until crisp. Sprinkle a touch of salt, and you’re done!! (Oh… and for a sweet treat, instead of salt, sprinkle with a bit of sugar and cinnamon before baking!)
  8. Mickey Mouse Beignets – This recipe is straight from Café Orleans at Disneyland, and one YOU can make right at home! But what’s a Mickey Mouse Beignet, with the “Mickey”?? Special thanks to Chef in Training for THIS yummy find!IMG_7456-1

Hopefully these wonderfully fun, totally MICKEY things to make with your Mickey and Minnie cookie cutters, will get YOUR creative mind flowing – and help you and your family have a totally FUN and Disney-inspired day!!

Lianne and her family live in northern Maine, where Disney is just as much a part of their lives as ever. Most of their family vacations include a trip to the Disney Parks, where they love reliving their own childhood memories, as well as watching their son’s love of Disney grow with each visit.

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