Popcorn Price Increase at WDW, with Extra Option


Disney popcorn is a favorite in our household. Well, more specifically, the popcorn buckets, as we have quite a collection of them. The other day my friend Joe told me about a price increase on popcorn at Disney, so I checked it out for myself last night at Epcot.

As you can see on the sign above, the price of popcorn souvenir buckets have gone up. Recently the price was bumped up to $8.00 to our dismay, but now a bucket of popcorn is $10.00. Yes, the price went up, but Disney is offering a refill for $1.50, same day only. As Disney goers, I know a lot of you take your foodie fun seriously, as do I, so I thought I’d pass the info along. What are your thoughts on the increase? ~M

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