Here’s a cute recipe idea courtesy of Disney Family!

In the Beast’s castle, everyone was forbidden to enter the west wing, but eventually Belle’s curiosity got the better of her. When she climbed the stairs and stepped inside, she discovered a beautiful red rose the Beast kept under a dome of glass because he knew that when the last petal fell, the spell he was under could never be broken. While the petals of this strawberry rose shortcake undoubtedly won’t last long, the good news is that you can easily create another.

What You’ll Need

A shortcake dessert shell

Whipped cream

2 large strawberries

A mint leaf

How To Make It

1 Fill the dessert shell with whipped cream.

2 Wash and hull the strawberries. Slice one of them vertically into 5 or 6 pieces. Arrange the slices in a circle, tips pointing outward, atop of the whipped cream to create the outer petals of a rose.

3 For the center of the rose, turn the other strawberry upside down and slice off the very tip. Next, make four cuts three quarters of the way down through the fruit to create a row of petals around the middle. Place the strawberry in the center of the fruit slices atop the whipped cream.

4 Garnish the rose with the mint leaf. For the finishing touch, add a decorative border of whipped cream around the shortcake.

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