Disney Infinity Discontinuing

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Due to a financial loss, Disney is cancelling their games division and effectively discontinuing their line of “Disney Infinity” games, which included tie-ins for Marvel, “Star Wars” and several other of their properties.

TheWrap reports that Disney’s foray into gaming “never took off the way the company had hoped,” despite the House of Mouse’s wealth of characters at their disposal for video game adaptations.

Disney CEO Robert Iger said the company no longer felt comfortable operating as a publisher. “We just feel that it’s a changing space and we’re just better off at managing the risk that that business delivers by licensing rather than publishing,” Iger said

But “Disney Infinity,” despite a sizable investment for a video game and piles of Disney characters to exploit, including Marvel and “Star Wars” heroes, never took off the way the company had hoped. Disney is taking a $147 million charge on the discontinuation of its games business.

“Disney Infinity” still has two remaining releases on the schedule, summer tie-ins for “Alice Through the Looking Glass” and “Finding Dory,” and according to a post on Disney Interactive’s blog those sets are still on the way.

Though Disney will no longer publish games based on its properties, tie-ins will still be produced by licensing them to third-parties.

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