TMSM’s Fashion Friday ~ Listen Up Foolish Mortals….



My work schedule doesn’t permit me to take the vacations I dream of. An escape to The Happiest Place on Earth for me is often a rushed day trip. As much as I’d like to extend my visits, I’m thankful for a 40 minute flight and my airline rewards. I managed to sneak away a couple of days ago, and since it was Spring break it’s no surprise that I spent the majority of my day shopping (and eating) my way around Disneyland.

Instinctively I reach for the latest purse or sparkly object. I admit to not being as hip and savvy to technology, like my friends. I often stray from gadgets and gizmos in that department and generally speaking, I don’t open my Minnie Mouse Harvey wallet for phone, tv, computer, etc. accessories! I’m nortorious for lusting after earrings, Minnie ear headbands and such. Something that always makes me chuckle and that I relate to is when Georgette from Oliver and Company croons, “Girl, we’ve got work to do! Pass me the paint and glue!!” I’ve been narrow minded in assuming fashion was strictly something you wore, the bag slung over your shoulder, how your hair was or what you painted on your face…

When to my ghoulish delight I gravitated (or levitated ha!)  toward a set of headphones in New Orleans Square! Not just any headphones. HAUNTED MANSION ones!!! This happy haunt jumped out of her doom buggy to make this particular purchase. Later in the day as I patiently awaited Soundsational, it occured to me that I had never made a fashion purchase for my device before! You can’t go wrong when you are dialed in, Disney style. Count me in!


There was something gravely satisfying about waiting for my flight and listening to my music, all while sporting my Haunted Mansion headphones. Topping my bank account at nearly $60, I had to make sure hearing the crypt doors creak and the tombstones quake was quality! My overall experience with the headphones has been ghoulishly delightful. I don’t have anything to compare them to but the sound is clear and I can definitely hear the knell of a requiem bell 😉 I definitely recommend them, not only as fashion statement. I was able to use my annual pass, so the added discount was applied- not to mention helpful! They are comfortable and padded in classic purple and black Haunted Mansion wallpaper. My only concern is that the material that is covering the band may not last, and I’ve been thinking of a possible way I could reinforce it. The headphones fit nicely around my ears and deliver “the strange and frightening sounds” that my mortal ears desire. Shhhh, listen.

Has anyone else picked up the Haunted Mansion headphones? How did you like them?

Oh! There’s just a little matter I forgot to mention. Beware of hitch hiking ghosts!

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