Disneybounding. We’ve certainly heard and have seen that word a lot on social media, Disney Parks and events, Pinterest… You name it! What in the world is Disneybounding? How do you do it? When do I do it?

Disneybounding is the point where Disney and fashion collide! People of all ages Disneybound to show their love and appreciation of Disney through expressing themselves with fashion. Mouseketeers around the world choose a Disney character, celebrity, attracting or even cast member costume and put it together in a way that is reminiscent of their Disney choice and using their own creativeness. Disneybounding is all about the detail in everyday clothing. For example, one could wear white jeans, lavender top and pink shoes to work on any regular day of the week. A Disney fan may suggest that ensemble was similar to one Daisy Duck would wear!


Anyone can Disneybound! I am often impressed by the thought and execution put into many Disneybounds. I use them as inspiration. T shirts and jeans are my go to outfit and Disneyland and I struggle with the dilemma of being “Disneylicious” and comfortable at the same time. With a little pixie dust, your Disneybound can soar! After deciding your Disney character you’d like to portray, it’s important to be aware of what’s already in your closet! My most creative friends rummage through garage sales and thrift stores to keep budget friendly when they are working on favoriting their Disney character. When I’m out and about at Target, Walmart, etc. I try to remember to keep my eyes peeled for possible Disney inspiration. I’ve also reached out to seamstresses in my family and on Etsy to help me achieve my desired look-since my sewing skills are minimal.


You can Disneybound ANY time your heart desires! My friend wore green jeans and a purple top with a starfish barrette in her hair to the mall. Sure, she looked like she was wearing a colorful getup but SURPRISE!- she was secretly channeling our friend Ariel. We can bring a little Disney magic to our wardrobe any day of the week. It’s never the wrong time. However, I do like to put a little extra thought into my outfit when I’m visiting a Disney park! It’s a bonus bound when you can find the character you are Disneybounding as and pose for fun photos! The cast members are always excited for a photo opportunity with someone who admires their fashion sense!


Disneybounding with friends is a blast. It brings people together and creates an opportunity to be creative with your resources. My favorite Disneybound I’ve done was pulled off with my best friend at Disneyland. We sewed two different colored t shirts together, wore jeans, sneakers and I made our hair accessories with foam sheets, hot glue and hair clips from Michael’s. We enjoyed our Disney day in style and comfort!

What are your favorite Disneybound memories? Which ones are you looking forward to?

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